Fey beings are also present on the wild southern continent of Mungoda*, Abatwa are tiny human-like creatures said to be able to hide beneath a blade of grass and to be able to ride ants. They live a nomadic lifestyle and are continually on the hunt for game and food.

If one happens to come across an Abatwa, one will typically be asked a question like, "From where did you first see me?" One must reply by saying one saw them from a mountain, or some far away area. They are said to be extremely sensitive about their size, and if one answers by saying that one only saw them right then for the first time, the Abatwa will try to kill them with their tiny poison arrows. Stepping on an Abatwa by accident is also said to be a death sentence though it will not harm the tiny imp itself.

Due to their shy nature, they will only tolerate being seen by the very young, by wizards, and by pregnant women. If a pregnant woman in her seventh month of pregnancy sees a male Abatwa, it is said that she will give birth to a boy.


The Abatwa are said to have been created from the Nature Spirit Vash'Nok whose tears fell and burst. These tears then formed into the tiny men who became known as the Abatwa.


Said to be the tiniest creatures in human form that are in existence, these little people coexist peaceably with the ants in the anthills of Southern and Central Mungoda* and usually live on their foraging from the roots of grasses and other plants. Abatwa are almost perfect miniatures of the members of the African tribes of that region except for their bright star-like eyes, and their clan and family structures generally mirror the dominant tribes of the region. However, their fae nature lets them live together with the ants in perfect harmony, with neither seeking to dominate the other.


They live in the mountains and rocky hills but they have no central village, and are nomadic hunters and gatherers. Occasionally a group of them will get together and form a hunting party; they then follow thier game and devour all they catch in its entirety and then move to the next kill. When the hunting abatwa party travels long distances they on occasion steal and ride a horse. Sitting from the neck down to the tail one behind the other but if they do not find any game they will hungrily devour the communal horse.

G'to the Elder states:

That man abatwa will ask “From where did you see me?” This is a trick question, to which an honest reply ” I am seeing you now for the first time? will be fatal. Abatwa are very sensitive about their size. The lifesaving answer would be “See that mountain way back there? I first saw you when I was on that mountain” The abatwa is usually placated by the statue this suggests and such flattery will offer escape.'

The venom used by Abatwa should be treated as the equivalent Cloudspider* venom.

It is unknown whether the charms used to ward of Imps* and the like are of use against Abatwa.

Abatwa are otherwise identical to Imps*.

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