(Book 6 p6, Golden Dragon 2, Golden Dragon 4)

The powerful city of Achtan resides in Kurland*, on the western bank of the river Arokose*. It is the first city of Palados^ - a former region of the Old Selentine* empire (GD2 Background). Palados^ encompasses the coastal south-western area of Kurland*, from the Chaubrette* border to the Baumer* forest.

Following the catastrophic destruction of Thalios^ over 1,000 years ago, Achtan replaced it as the capital of Palados^. Subsequently, after the fall of the Old Selentine* empire, Palados^ briefly existed as a sovereign state, before being absorbed into greater Kurland*. Paladosians^ still cling to the patriotic notion that Palados^ is a country, rather than a region of Kurland* (GD2 Background). This strongly developed sense of regional identity can create tensions with other regions in greater Kurland*.

Within the walls of Achtan can be found a number of significant institutions & locations, including the following:

  • Also located in Achtan is the Academy of Light and Truth^ (GD3 Background). The Academy^ is a scholastic institution that is dedicated to intellectual endeavours. It is governed by the High Council^ of Master Scholars^, which includes Master Scholar Cottulio^ and Master Scholar Giru^ (GD4 Background, s310).

  • Originally established during the Old Selentine* empire, the Archives^ is an extensive repository of Old Selentine* & Paladosian^ knowledge (GD2 Background).

  • Famed throughout Palados^, the Ornamental Gardens^ of Achtan are a tranquil escape from city life (GD2 s44).

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