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Official Adventures
References to the official canonical adventures in the Lands of Legend* can be found on the Official Adventures page.

Fan-generated Adventures
Within this category are scenarios, adventures or campaigns developed by Dragon Warriors* enthusiasts can be found on the Scenario Ideas page, ranging in size from adventure seeds to fully complete adventures and even campaigns.

Want to Play?
If you don't have your own role-playing group, then we can help you out with two options:
  • See the Online Campaigns page for a list of known groups that play over the Internet.
  • There is also a list of tabletop gaming groups on the Tabletop Campaigns page, one of which might be near where you live!

For now it would be appreciated that if you add a fan-generated scenario as an attachment, then please give the page a brief summary that details where the adventure is set, some of the heroes/villains involved and - without giving too much away - some of the creatures encountered (likewise linking them to their entries here on the DW Wiki).