Basic Information

The S'asabonsam is a forest-dwelling beast which originates from Southern Mungoda* but is also found all along the Western Coast* of the continent as well; wherever there are forest trees big enough to support them. Little is know about this creature outside of the local tales and folklore, which are thought by Coradians* and Ta'ashim* alike to be prone to exaggeration and contradiction.


The creature is generally described as larger than man sized with short, stubby arms, large blood-shot eyes, long, thin but strong legs. It is said to have firey red twisted hair with a long neck and prehensile clawed feet. It has been reported to have a wingspan of up to 20 feet. Much is made also of its viciously sharp iron-like teeth. S'asabonsams are rarely seen, but are known to sit in treetops and catch unsuspecting passers-by to suck their blood.

Often called Vampires* because of their blood-drinking habits the S'asabonsam is not undead but rather a living being which is often called upon by powers within the forest to guard a certain grove of trees or ward people away from a sacred area. Though S'asabonsam are not adverse to simply sating their hunger with anyone who happens to walk by.

Because of the fear of S'asabonsam, the sacred onyina tree is usually left alone to grow to enormous heights and width in the forest.

Known or Supposed Origins

It is believed that S'asabonsam were originally natural beings, enormous predatory bats, which have aquired a deadly and fae nature from their interaction with the forest spirits and gods.

Special Abilities

The stubby hooked arms of the S'asabonsam which it is said to hang from are actually the folded up wings of the beast, and it's legs and hooked foot claws hang down and snatch up any passing prey to be decapitated by it's sharp jaws and it's body drunk dry of blood.

Geographical distribution

Found only in jungles large enough to support their roosting trees these predators are not above taking prey as large as Volucreth*, Humans or Gorillas.

Average statistics

ATTACK 16 Jaws (d8, 6)
DEFENCE 8 Armour Factor (1)
MAGICAL DEFENCE 3 Movement: 10m(20m)
Health Points: 2d6+10 Rank Equivalent: 3rd

STEALTH 12 Vision: Panoptical

Further Notes

When seen outside of the shadowy forest the S'asanbonsam is revealed to be a strangely stretched example of a massive russet furred bat with large red eyes, a long snake-like neck, vicious knife-like teeth and long storkish legs ending in hook-like talons. Those acting as guardians are often given 1d4 blessings from their patrons protecting them, granting extra abilities or adding to their attacks.

Sample blessings bestowed upon guardian Asabonsam include:-

- Immunity to normal weapons.
- Shapechange to Human-form.
- Bite carries a random disease.
- +1 dam/ +2 dam/ +3 dam.
- can cast a 1 1st-4th rank Darkness/Air/Earth spell/day.
- regenerates 1 health point/round.

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