The Assassin* is in a class of its own in the canonical Dragon Warriors* professions - his prowess is not, primarily, in fighting or the use of magic, but in the use of STEALTH, trickery and deception. He is handy with his array of weapons and, through Trances* and intuition of danger and traps, has some useful pseudo-magical abilities.

Source Information on the Profession

Book 4 pp8-30

Further Information from the Gamebooks

  • Specific Background table rolls in Book 6 pp144-146

Non-Humans which may become Assasins

Elves* may train as Assassins* though the mystical elements will differ greatly in trappings if not in function from those used by Humans*. Elven* Assassins* are generally not secretive among their kind, amongst a souless race murder is a truly serious business and it is believed by most that the slain party must have in some way brought it upon themselves.

Dwarven* Assassins* exist but are if anything even more secretive than their human counterparts existing as they do in a society where theft is seen as the equal of assault and murder is unthinkable... at least in public.

Halflings* may become Assassins* but are restricted to 3rd rank. Many Halflings* are already naturally well practiced at stealth and the like and see little need to further dedicate oneself in such a direction.

It is unknown whether Assassin* analogs exist amongst other species but from examining what is known of the societies of Volucreth*, Centaurs*, Dracomen* and the like it is unlikely... though Kappa* may pose an exception.

House Rules

Alternate Approaches to Thief Archetypes

Some GMs have seen the Assassin* as a little incongruent with their worldview and so have removed some of the mystical elements and rebadged them as " Thief " or "Trickster".

With the publication of the hardback rules the more modular assasin character creation makes a number of these variants a little superfluous but they may still prove useful for those looking for variant rules.

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