The Bajang is an evil spirit-being from the Thousand Islands which generally takes the form of a civet (musang) and disturbs households by mewing like a great cat throughout the night. Bajang rise from trees which grow over the graves of stillborn children.


The Bajang's true form is that of a stunted, stocky human corpse with a blunt nose, wispy hair, and pale brown skin. It has beady orange eyes and a wide, lipless mouth, which is permanently creased in an evil sneer. Its hands are bony claws, and its feet resemble the talons of a vulture. The Bajang can alter its form at will into the form of a civet. The creature is most often encountered in this form. As a civet, it has light brown fur and retains its distinctive orange eyes.


The Bajang makes its lair in its power tree . It prefers to live in a dense jungle, where its tree is more difficult for enemies to locate. Any tree is suitable for a Bajang lair (the creature simply digs up the corpse which gave rise to itself and reburies it under a new tree), the creature usually selects one within a mile of a small village which it will prey upon, seizing livestock, valuables and any unguarded children which are dragged away and drained of their bodily fluids to power the Bajang's continued existence.


If a person can catch it and put it in a cage and feed it well (with the blood of children; one child per month) it will be well disposed towards them, and may be coerced to attack or steal from their enemies. This is an uncertain means of control and the creature may turn on it's 'owner'.

Destroying the tree where it dwells will make it return to the corpse that spawned it where unless given childs blood immediately it will die once more.

Some dukun and other Sorcerers * grow their own Bajang servants by burying stillborn children beneath chosen trees and tempting the Bajang to rise with blood sacrifices. The spirit is then contained in a specially prepared container known as a tabong and fed on ritually prepared eggs( the eggs are infused with 2 Magic Points each and are consumed 1/week) to keep it docile. Many of these tabong are handed down from dukun to dukun over the generations. A Bajang tied to a tabong is no longer destroyed when it's tree is, but only when the tabong is. Most tabong for this reason are magically protected from harm by their owners.

The Bajang has the same stats as a Grave Gaunt* (sans antlers) . It's howl is equivalent to the Level 4 Sorcerer* spell Curse * and is very loud and annoying.

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