(Tom Clare)

Most explosions are likely to be caused by structures collapsing, or gas or spirits igniting. Uncanny creatures, too, sometimes have the ability to blast those that attempt to touch them. Explosives as offensive weapons are rare in Albion*, though the Ta’ashim* black powder is known of.

Blast damage is taken by all within the given radius. Where there is more than one radius/damage listed, the first damage listing is taken by those within the first radius, the second by those outside the first radius, but within the second radius given, and so on.

Armour protects by subtracting its armour factor from any damage taken.

Explosions Damage
A very small explosion
E.g: marsh gas igniting.
Within a ½m radius... 1d3 damage
A small explosion
E.g: a bottle of spirits exploding.

Within a 1m radius... 1d6 damage
A medium explosion
E.g: a barrel of black powder.
Within a 3m radius... 2d6 damage
Within an 8m radius... 1d6 damage
A large explosion
E.g: a room full of gas igniting.
Within a 6m radius... 2d6+4 damage
Within a 12m radius... 2d6 damage
A huge explosion [1]
E.g: a large building collapsing.
Within a 15m radius... 3d6+6 damage
Within a 25m radius... 2d6+6 damage
Within a 40m radius... 2d6 damage

[1] Unprotected characters to close to a huge explosion are likely to be vaporized without any chance of survival at all.

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