(Tom Clare)

Bogles are mad shape-shifting goblins that haunt the darkened lonely roads and deserted fields at twilight, waiting to pursue terrified travellers.

Though each Bogle usually has a preferred form – a black, fiery-eyed Horse*, a shadowy gaunt Giant*, an indistinct figure holding a lantern – it may seem to be anything or anyone. This is not true shape-changing but mere illusion, and often flawed at that: if the beholder carefully examines the sight before him, he may notice something wrong – that the Dog* has a cow’s tail, or the candle borne by the distant figure is remaining steady in the strong breeze.

A typical Bogle encounter might begin with the creature posing as some harmless thing… a well-known friend might appear to call and beckon to the victims, gradually leading them into lonesome country or boggy land. Or the party could come across some desirable thing on the roadside: a glossy mare, or a barrel of ale – something that the traveller would welcome, collect and bring home, blessing his good fortune (a Bogle, like many fell things, can not cross the threshold of a home with a warm hearth unless invited; once inside, however, it is very difficult to expel). Or perhaps the hapless traveller comes across a still form lying in the road. And when they investigate, what uncanny shape suddenly rises to face them?

Bogles are not strong fighters, but are savage when challenged and may well fight to the death. They also have a Goblin’s* knack of finding all the chinks in a Knight’s* armour. If the battle goes against them, though, they may well just vanish away with a shriek of laughter.

Average statistics

ATTACK 13 Blows (1d3, 2)
MAGICAL DEFENCE 5 Movement: 12m (25m)
Health Points: 1d6+4 Rank Equivalent: 2nd

STEALTH 22 Vision: Darksight


A Bogle can go berserk like a Barbarian*.


Bogles are things of shadow and spell rather than substance, and they are skilled at illusion. As well as weaving a seeming over itself, a bogle may cast an Image* (as the Sorcerer* spell) three times a day. However, Bogles are thoughtless and unobservant creatures; their illusions are often as imperfect as their transformations, and, if a suspicious character rolls equal to or less than his intelligence on a d20, he will notice some inconsistency.


All characters witnessing a Bogle’s first startling transformation suffer a 1d10 Fright attack.

It may choose to shift from form to form, each more dreadful than the last, in an attempt to send its victims fleeing in terror. Each additional change requires a 1d8 Fright attack.
The Bogle will stop transforming as soon as it is attacked.

Wicked Thing

Bogles have a Goblin’s* knack of finding all the chinks in armour. A Bogle adds one to its armour by-pass roll each time it strikes a character in harness.
Wounds caused by a bogle take three times longer than usual to heal naturally.


1d6: 1 = none; 2-3 = scant; 4-6 = poor.
A Bogle’s treasure is likely to be some distance away from where the party encounters it, and probably in some inaccessible nook.

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