Book 2

The second book in the 6-gamebook Dragon Warriors series came to be known as "Book 2" and was often packaged or sold in conjunction with Book 1 and/or Book 3. In this book we were introduced two the third and fourth role-playing professions, the magic using Sorcerer and Mystic.

Title: "The Way of Wizardry"
Author:Dave Morris
Illustrator:Leo Hartas, Jeremy Ford and Bob Harvey
Published: 1985
Publisher: Corgi Books, a division of Transworld Publishers Ltd
Pages: 165
Subject Matter: Largely a rulebook concerning magic use in Dragon Warriors, with some other general rules and 2 adventure scenarios.
Scenarios: "A Shadow on the Mist" and "Hunter's Moon", both intended as progressions for 1st rank PCs who had 'passed' the Book 1 scenario "King under the Forest".

Book 2
Note: Cover art by Alan Craddock.

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