Book 5

The fifth book (or "Book 5" for short) in the 6-gamebook Dragon Warriors series was, for many enthusiasts, incredibly elusive to come by and many purchased it after they had acquired Book 6.

Title: "The Power of Darkness"
Author:Oliver Johnson
Illustrator:Bob Harvey and Geoff Wingate
Published: 1986
Publisher: Corgi Books, a division of Transworld Publishers Ltd
Pages: 190
Subject Matter: Largely a scenario-book, though significantly adding the only non-Morris profession; the Elementalist, which forms the core of the scenarios in Book 5. Also added madness rules.
Scenarios: "The King's Tower";
"The Inn of Chang";
"The Siren Woods";
"The City of Mimir";
"The Mountains of Brack";
"The Hall of the Frost Giants";
"The Temple of Balor"

Book 5
Note: Cover art by Alan Craddock.

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