(Book 3 pp16-17; Book 4 pp69-71; DWR p.239)

Basic Information

Centaurs do not feature heavily in the gamebooks of Dragon Warriors*, save as creatures one might encounter. However, there is sufficient depth there for campaigns to involve or be based around them or indeed, for an adventurous GM, player-characters or a whole group to comprise of centaurs. Nothing in the gamebooks presents as any inhibitor to centaurs taking up adventuring, though this would not only be rare but attract considerable attention in settled lands to the north and west of their general habitat.


Centaurs have the appearance of a horse, however where the horse’s lower neck would begin, instead begins the torso of a man/woman, often muscular like a horse. The males are commonly seen without clothing, the females are too rarely seen for their clothing to be known. Powerful warriors will wear horse-armour / barding for protection.

Known or Supposed Origins

It is supposed that some meddling in magic saw men bred with horses, though perhaps some more faerie explanation exists from long in Legend's* unexplored lore and past.

Special Abilities

  • +2 ATTACK with bows or javelin.
  • It is conceivable that a Centaur could learn any adventuring profession, though sorcery would be impeded as they would need to learn literacy first

Geographical Distribution

The distribution of centaurs is unknown, nor is it known whether their social organisation is of tribal or even nationlike, or instead whether they gather in small herds or just family groups as, say, deer or Horses* would. They exist in Oliver Johnson’s Ereworn* of Book 3, though it is possible his worldview of the prevalence of certain humanoid species (e.g. Elves* and Centaurs) was different to that imagined by Dave Morris in Book 6. In Book 4 Dave Morris says they exist in warm, temperate climes which would suggest they co-exist with the Ta'ashim* peoples of the Southern Lands* and/or the nomads of the Khanates* in the steppes of the Eastern Lands*.


In Book 4 Dave Morris suggests these creatures have a shamanistic religion, praying to the spirit-gods of the plains.

Race Relations

Centaurs have little to do with other humanoid species of Legend*, though in Harogarn* where they are said to be most numerous, they encounter Dwarfs* more frequently than Humans*. Dwarfs* and their tunneling are perplexing to the tall Centaurs who can scarcely enter their halls, so relations between the two are neutral.

Centaurs, being faerie folk, have a common understanding with Elves* that sees them permit passage through each other's lands, whilst requiring respect for each other's territory and customs.

Centaurs see Humans* as dangerous, and trust not those who bridle steeds to do their bidding. Friendship with centaurs is virtually impossible, and blows can quickly arise upon an encounter.

Further Notes

A Centaur Warrior has +2 to ATTACK and DEFENCE, and might wear armour worth an AF of 2, and is of 3rd Rank-Equivalent.

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