Charge Attack

(Book 1, pp78-79)

On the Dragwars list on 10th February 2009; nukem999 (at) asked:
I really like the combat system in DW (even if it is deadly as hell) but my players would like to see an old favorite. The charge attack. I know that the Minotaur* and the Bull* can do it, but it seems way too powerful for normal player characters. Do you allow your players a charge attack, and if how?

Wayne Imlach suggested:
  • A character may charge an opponent if they are between 5 and 10 metres away.
  • A charging character can move up to their maximum 'normal' move and strike in the same round.
  • A charging character has zero defence for the round.
  • A charging character gains +1 to armour bypass and damage if the attack is successful.
  • The rules for 'knocking opponents over' such as those used for the Minotaur* or Bull*, assume a human-sized target. Adventurers however come up against all sorts of large opponents, and figuring out if an opponent can be knocked over could become complex. If you really want to allow this, I would use the following additional rule:
  • If the charging characters Attack, Strength or maximum Health Points are greater than the opponent's maximum Health Points (a relative measure of 'size'), and they successfully strike the opponent (armour bypass is not a requirement), then the opponent is knocked to the ground. Note that the use of a shield does not prevent this, though it will block any damage that might have been received.

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