Combat Rounds

(Book 1, p43)

In this section we expand upon the actions that may be performed in one combat round or, in the case of things that take longer than one combat round, the length of time it takes to perform that action.

Actions that take One CR (in addition to those listed in Book 1)

  • Mount a horse (though, arguably, one who is not a Knight*, Barbarian* or Warlock* might take 2 CR through inexperence!)
  • Climb a distance equivalent to Reflexes/3, rounded up (i.e. a PC with Reflexes of 18 could climb 6 metres, whereas a PC with Reflexes of 3 could climb 1). Exception: Assassins* can climb as if their Reflexes were 18, regardless of the actual score. Note: "Climb" in this context includes ascending, descending or scaling laterally. Also: a difficulty factor roll still applies for the climb (see Book 1 pp64-67).

Actions that take More Than One CR (in addition to those listed in Book 1)

  • Loading an arbalest to fire (takes 4 intervening CRs between shots.
  • Put on armour (e.g. from being asleep) - 3 CRs for all armour except padded leather, which takes 2 CR.


  • Some GMs permit PCs to make witty remarks, or swordplay comments, whilst they fight notwithstanding that it would arguably take 6 seconds (or more!) to say such things!

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