Conflict Debates

This will be the section where we put on record unsettled debates or disagreements about how the gameworld works. The benefit of this will be to enable users who add content to stipulate that their work relates to a particular side of given debates.

Not designed to encourage argument, mind you! Just a way to respect that not everyone has to have a consensus of what Legend* is like, otherwise where is the room for Gamesmasterly sovereignty within their own campaign?

Approximation of Lands of Legend to Nations on Earth

A debate has occurred on Dragwars from time to time about whether certain nations on Earth were used as only inspiration for nations in the Lands of Legend*, or whether Dave Morris intended for some nations in Legend* to match exactly with nations on Earth.

The debate began in considering whether Albion* equalled England, with its exact boundaries, and whether therefore Thuland* equalled Scotland with its precise borders, Cornumbria* to Ireland etc. Clearly some nations, such as Algandy* (Spain), Asmuly* / Asmulia* (Italy), Chaubrette* (France) and Kurland* (Germany) can be fairly safely inferred to be directly comparable.

This debate is continued on the relative nation pages in the Lands of Legend* section.

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