The first book in the revised Dragon Warriors series is also known as the "Dragon Warriors Rulebook".

Title:"Dragon Warriors"
Author:Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson
Illustrator:Jon Hodgson, Andy Hepworth, Andy Law, Scott Neil, Scott Purdy and Erik Wilson
Publisher:Magnum Opus Press (printed by Mongoose Publishing)
ISBN:978-1-906103-96-5 (PDF: 978-1-906402-04-4)
Subject Matter:Compilation of material from the original gamebooks - Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5 and Book 6 - minus scenarios and detailed monster descriptions. Includes a brand new introductory scenario by Frazer Payne. Edited by Ian Sturrock.
Scenarios:"The Darkness Before Dawn" - a basic adventure for 1st rank PCs.

For full details of this book, see the Magnum Opus Press product page (link below).
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DWR Rulebook
Note: Cover art by Jon Hodgson.

The print version of the Dragon Warriors Rulebook has so far been released in two versions. The first printing of DWR was published in 2008, but was criticised for a number of errrata. The second printing was published in 2010 and is an errata-corrected version of DWR with a square/flat spine - as opposed to the original curved/rounded spine.

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