DWR Organised Play

A players guide to bringing your own character into the world and play with other groups.

Creating your Character:

Step One: Characteristics

New characters are Human and receive 25 points to spend upon Characteristics and Health Points. Only two Characteristics can be lower than 9.
Players are encouraged to roll 3d6 for each Characteristic first to inspire some role-play hooks into the character.

Die Total Cost
18 17
17 14
16 11
15 9
14 7
13 5
12 4
11 3
10 2
9 1
8 0
7 -1
6 -2
5 -3
4 -4
3 -5

It is recommended that the Looks table be used. Also, Looks will be used by the GM for “intangible” or “special” rewards when relevant. ie: the best Looks will get the girl, be awarded the barony, be given the sword Excalibur by the enchantress etc.

Step Two: Choosing a Profession

As per rulebook.

Step Three: Health Points

Instead of rolling 1d6 and adding their Profession bonus, characters spend 1-6 points from their Characteristic points to determine the result of the die roll, then add their Profession] bonus.

Step Four: Combat Factors

As per rulebook.

Step Five: Magical Combat Factors

As per rulebook.

Step Six: Dodging

As per rulebook.

Step Seven: Initial Equipment

As per rulebook. For variable amounts of Florins, take the average. As a bonus, all characters receive extra Florins equal to their Looks characteristic. Characters can carry up to their Strength characteristic in items using the Encumbrance rules.

Step Eight: Rank

As per rulebook.


All published rules can be used during adventures (in-game and out-of-game time permitting!), including Bearers, Hotbloods and Hirelings. The GM will generate any required details (a useful template is below). Having a few hotbloods around is a good idea anyway (monster bait!). If your GM wants to use any house rules, the GM will discuss before starting.

Dragon Warriors Initiative Card

Character Advancement

Character advancement is tracked on an honour system and players should create their own suitable logbook of adventures and rewards. An average 3 hour adventure for a 1st Rank character should reward 8-10 xp and 300F each. This is highly variable (especially in many of the older adventures). As an example, The King Under the Forest (DW1) for a party of six adventurers of 1st rank, receive ~15xp and ~600F each (it is a relatively large dungeon), not counting “special” rewards.
For the usage of out of game abilities, such as making scrolls (Sorcerers) or enchanting arms and armour (Mystics), each adventure gives the character one moon (or 25 days) of time towards the task. Any die rolls and costs are done at the start of your next adventure (so the GM can weave flawed items etc into the narrative). Characters may freely trade between themselves for “reasonable” costs (as supervised by the GM).

Found Magical Treasure

Generic magical treasure found in an adventure can be used within that adventure, but for ease of campaign balance magically evaporates into Florins (at full value). Characters may then “reacquire” such treasures that have been found, by paying a “royal tithe” or “finders fee” after any adventure (this can result in multiple players acquiring the same item). If the adventurers have a patron (such as Baron Aldred) they will often only be able to keep a portion of found treasure (and the tithe is paid to their patron to curry favour). A common dilemma is that the more treasure recovered, the less their patron returns to them!
The costs are a little arbitrary (to avoid a “monty-haul” problem in open play), and are based on the materials cost or a cost of 25F per day (700F per month) for most items (half that for consumable items). Yes, a magic sword costs the same as a Warhorse! Magic is rare and expensive!

Armour and Weapons: The cost is 25F per day of creation time required (in addition to the base item). Thus a +1 Sword will cost 2,530F (100 days + 30F for the sword) and +3 Plate costs 23,300F.
Scrolls: 350F + MP x 25F. Thus a 5 MP scroll of Fossilise will cost 475F, and a 10MP Wall of Magic will cost 600F. Hard-up NPC Sorcerers occasionally sell scrolls, but may place additional burdens (a Sword of Damocles with the condition “use it by the next moon or die!” would not be unusual). To find a sorcerer willing to sell a scroll, roll 1-3 on 1d10 in a City. The sorcerer has a Rank of 1d6+3.
Potions and Magical Compounds: The cost of potions is 2x the ingredients cost, as listed under Alchemy, so a Potion of Dexterity is 700F, a Potion of Healing is 800F etc. All found or purchased potions have the normal 20% misbrewed chance (PC brewed potions have the chance listed under Alchemy).
Amulets and Talismans: Talisman’s cost 6,000F and Amulets 10,000F.
Rings/Rods/Wands: Rings and Rods cost 6000F + 350F per charge. Recharging a ring (using an NPC) costs 350F per charge and one Lunar Month (so frequent use will eventually render them useless due to the one moon per adventure limit). To find a sorcerer capable of recharging rings, roll 1-2 on a 1d10 in a City. It is expected that a sorcerer creating a Wand will spend a similar amount.
Artefacts and Relics: Artefacts and Relics are not readily available and are only available by special reward within an adventure. (The cost will be listed in the adventure; not necessarily in Florins!).

Example Logbook:

Date Adventure XP Florins Gained Florins Spent Magical Treasure Found and Notes
1/7/1985 The King Under the Forest +15 600 10 Vallandar’s Book of the Law.

This system has had some testing, but could use feedback from a wider player base.

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