Dave Morris

Dave Morris (1957 - ) was the author of Books 1, 2, 4 and 6 in the Dragon Warriors gamebook series and is hence credited with much of the dice-based game-system and rules in the role-playing game.


As creator of the Dragon Warriors game system, Dave is to be praised for the relative simplicity compared to the dice-heavy and rules-heavy game systems (by comparison) of games like Dungeons & Dragons.

Other Works

  • Dave is also known for co-writing the Fabled Lands gamebooks (1995-1996) with Jamie Thomson, which offered a revolutionary take on the solo adventure gamebook genre - the ability to journey at will within a planned series of twelve interlinked gamebooks that span a single fantasy world.
  • Many other RPG articles, rules and supplements are attributable to Dave, perhaps most notably those within the Eye of All-Seeing Wonder (1992-1996) - a Tekumel journal - which includes an RPG ruleset for the Tekumel game world. He has also published articles within White Dwarf Magazine, and written an unpublished Warhammer supplement; Tetsubo.
  • Numerous other novels and gamebooks have been written by Dave, including titles in the following series; The Transformers (1985-1987), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), Knightmare (1991-1994), HeroQuest (1991-1993), Virtual Reality (1993-1994), James Bond Jnr (1993), Reboot Adventure Games (1996) and The Bill (1997).
  • Dave has produced the paperback The Art of Game Worlds (2004).


  • An Amazon review of Dave Morris' The Art of Game Worlds stated:

"Dave Morris is a prolific author of fantasy gaming books and the creator of the acclaimed real-time strategy PC game Warrior Kings. He has worked in both the videogame and TV industry. "
External Link: http://www.amazon.com/Art-Game-Worlds-Dave-Morris/dp/0060724307

  • The following article at PeachPit says of Dave Morris:

"Dave Morris holds a M.A. in Physics from Oxford University and has worked as a best-selling author and game designer for 15 years. Specifically, he's worked on the following well-known games: Warrior Kings, London Racer 2, Knight Rider, and Knife Edge"
External Link: http://www.peachpit.com/authors/bio.aspx?a=f5aba637-4d74-4f40-9d8f-6b42ac31996f

Involvement in Dragon Warriors Today

Dave Morris was involved in the editorial preparation of the Revised Edition. Magnum Opus Press report the possibility of Dave writing something for the Revised Edition.

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