The Demonologist was originally outlined in White Dwarf Magazine (issues 44-46) and made available in the Revised Edition of Dragon Warriorsin In From the Cold. Demonologists start out life as ordinary Sorcerers before being lured into the dark arts any time before 4th rank, to acquire the power to summon and bind infernal creatures and familiars. In From the Cold alludes to this profession being used and possibly expanded in future supplements, "...some people have asked what PCs can do to counter [Demonologist power] directly. We look forward to answering that question in the near future."

Like the Sorcerer, the Demonologist makes for a poor fighter, but may use Sorcery spells up to rank 4 and learns additional demonic rituals thereafter that can imbue his allies with aspects of demonic spirits, significantly enhancing their abilities (along with their basic ability to summon and bind demons).

Source Information on the Profession

In From the Cold (IFTC).

Non-Humans that may become Demonologists

In From the Cold does not explicitly state which races may (or may not) become Demonologists, but it stands to reason that any profession that can become a Sorcerer, can be twisted into a Demonologist.

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