Basic Information

Dirge is the name with which those who have traversed the Battlepits* have christened the strange flying creatures that live near the heat of the great magma cauldron beneath Kalugen keep*. The Dirge maintain a large rookery on the shores of the magma sea and hunt the rats, bats and contestants that come within reach.


Grey and faun skinned with massive bat-like wings the beasts circle on the warm air currents thrown up from the super-heated rock. Their name derives from their mournful calls and sombre looks as they lazily ride the air currents. But appearances can be deceiving...

Known or Supposed Origins

Dirge are beasts from an earlier age of the world,their heavy beaks are lined with sharp teeth and their claws are strong and able to lift a grown unarmoured man from the earth. Their long head crests help them manouvre as they dive to attack likely prey.

It is unknown where the Magi* sourced the Dirge as they are unknown in other areas of Krarth* and indeed seem so reliant on the warmth of the crater that they would soon expire in the frosty surface air.

Geographic Distribution

Reports from explorers of Southern Lands* have surfaced in the past of beasts in the wilds of Mungoda* known as Kongamato; these beings seem to be at least related to the Dirge though they are said to be slightly smaller and of a brilliant scarlet and pink colouration. It is possible the Dirge were long ago taken from their warm southern home and put to work thining the ranks of the Battlepits* by the Magi*.

Average Statistics

Dirge have the statistics of Giant Eagles*.

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