(Wayne Imlach)

At the start of each month a character must roll equal to or under their highest Physical Attribute (Strength, Reflexes or Looks) on 2d10 to avoid illness.

If the roll is failed, the character will be infected by a disease sometime in the next 30 days (a 1d6 x5 will suffice as a random method of determining the day). On that day, depending on the player’s general location, roll 3d6 on the appropriate chart:

Surface Disease Chart
(Cities, Towns, Countryside etc.)

Result Disease
02 Pneumonic Plague (Black Death)
03-04 Red Plague (Smallpox)
05-06 The Ague (Malaria)
07-08 The Bloody Flux (Dysentery)
09-11 Common Cold
12-13 Influenza
14-15 Typhoid Fever
16-17 Typhus (Camp Fever)
18 Bubonic Plague (Black Death)

Underworld Disease Chart

(Tombs, Dungeons, Caves etc.)

Result Disease
02 Bubonic Plague (Black Death)
03-06 The Ague (Malaria)
07-13 The Bloody Flux (Dysentery)
14-17 Typhus (Camp Fever)
18 Bubonic Plague (Black Death)

The Recovery Roll

Often the player must make recovery rolls during the term of the illness. Roll less than or equal to Strength, Reflexes or Looks (whichever is higher) on 1d20. When to make these rolls is detailed in the disease description.

General Recovery

While suffering from a short term, active disease a character does not heal as usual. Once free of disease (or the disease becomes dormant), lost attributes will return at 1 point per attribute per day. Health points will return as normal, after the usual 4 day rest period. Some losses may be permanent. These can only be reversed with magic.


Once caught, some diseases will take time before becoming 'active'. Normally diseases are not contagious until active.

Chance of Infection

Remaining in the presence of an infected person increases the risk of also catching the illness.

Every Day
Each day contact is made with an infected person, roll the die indicated in the disease description.

  • If the contact was brief (an hour or less), the disease is contracted on the roll of a 1.
  • If the contact is prolonged (more than an hour), the disease is contracted on the roll of a 1 or a 2.
  • If the contact is intimate, the disease is contracted on the roll of a 1, 2 or 3.

Assume the disease must be active to be infectious, unless noted otherwise in the disease description. Note that some diseases can only be caught through intimate contact – in these cases no roll is required for brief or prolonged contact.

Encyclopedia of Diseases

List below are the major diseases encountered in the Lands of Legend*. Descriptions of all diseases are available via hyperinks.

Major Disease Index (ordered by severity)

Special Disease Index
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