(Book 4, p76; DWR p. 240)

Basic Information

Dracomen are lizard-men of limited intelligence, living in the great river systems of the Mungoda Continent*.


Scaly-skinned humanoids not much taller than a typical man, but somewhat more muscular - and with powerful fanged jaws that tend to reek of their last meal.

Known or Supposed Origins

Not known for sure, however there is some speculation that perhaps they are the result of a long-forgotten magical experiment. Certainly they are extremely vulnerable to direct magical attacks, appearing to have little natural resistance to magic. Occasionally adventurers will come across a larger party who may include a Shaman (roughly equivalent to a low-ranking Mystic*).

Special Abilities

A Dracoman in combat will lose his temper and snap with his jaws instead of striking with his axe, if he rolls 2 or less on a d10. The bite is somewhat less powerful but if it penetrates the victims armour has a chance of infecting the wound.

Any attack which works by Fright may in fact cause a Dracoman to fly into a blind rage rather than being frightened. If you roll 5 or less on a d10, this is exactly what happens and he will add 6 to ATTACK but subtract 3 from DEFENCE for the rest of the combat.

Geographical Distribution

Dracomen are associated by adventurous folk with Mungoda*, however occasionaly merchants will claim to have seen similar looking creatures in the Thousand Islands, Minj or even the furthest eastern reaches of Khitai*.

Further Notes

Occasional reports have come in from traders who have travelled further into the swamps than Cosh Goyope*, of seeing larger groups of Dracomen organized by some kind of elite caste of less savage lizard-men. These leaders (RANK EQUIVALENT: 3) have ATTACK, DEFENCE and EVASION 1 point higher than a normal Dracoman, but a MAGICAL DEFENCE of only 1. They wear a kind of leather harness which increases their ARMOUR FACTOR to 5, and may well use a shield of wood and bone in one hand. When they are in a group all Dracoman have only a 10% chance of resorting to their jaws to attack.

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