The Drekavac is a loathsome undead being native to Analika* and surrounding countries which forms from the soul of a dead unbaptised child. It causes great suffering with its wretched screaming and crying throughout the night.

It is usually described as vaguely child-shaped but dappled, elongated and thin as a spindle, with a disproportionately large, fanged head; it is believed to fly on ragged feathered wings.

It can, at will, appear in the form of a large black malformed dog. It may also appear in the form of the child it was once fated to become and in this form it stands at the roadside and calls for people passing nearby to attempt to baptise it, woe betide those who take up this challenge unprepared.

Drekavac can only roam at night and on particularly foggy days, they are especially active during the twelve days of Midwinter and in early spring, times where, according to local tradition, demons and like beasts appear most often. If bested and questioned by a powerful Sorcerer*, or the like, it can divulge prophecies; In the form of the child it can predict the date and manner of someone's death, but in the form of the animal, it can predict livestock losses and fortell of other happenings of interest to farmers and herders.

Unlike similar undead beings in other lands the Drekavac rarely bothers its parents, though this may be because local custom for parents of such a dead child is to immediately purchase a hound or hunting Dog*; the bark of which drives off the Drekavac.

EVASION 5 HP: 2d10+5



1d8 ( 20% chance of contracting a wasting disease.)


  • Some believe that there are variant types of Drekavac (different regions having different breeds). Consistently though, its size is said to be one meter or more (on four legs), but never less. According to some stories Drekavac can live in packs, in caves and tunnels. There is some truth to this as Drekavac do vary somewhat in appearance from individual to individual, those Drekavac who find others of their kind can become a great menace as they begin to model their behaviour not on humans but on their packmates, rapidly leading to their descent into a rabid animalistic killer of all who cross their path.
  • Generally it is believed that Drekavac can not be killed or pass on until it finds its peace (or through baptism). Drekavac can be laid to rest by baptism, though fire and steel do an equal, if somewhat less holy, job of it.
  • In some parts of Analika* it is believed that one must first have a dream about a Drekavac to actually encounter one. Also it is said that Drekavac can strangle people while they are sleeping, if they did something bad to its relatives in life. These beliefs are false, Drekavac have no control over dreams and they do not care for their relatives one bit.
  • It is believed that when a Drekavac screams all night long someone from the house that heard it will die. This belief is also false, though someone who is kept up all night and goes to confront the beast may well end up dead.....
  • Also, it is believed that if the shadow of Drekavac falls upon some person then that person will turn sick and die. This is untrue, though the scaborous claws and gnarled teeth of the beast can carry a wasting disease.
  • It is also believed that the Drekavac are afraid of light to some extent, and for this reason only venture forth in night or fog. As undead beings Drekavac are afraid of the sun and other bright light sources, they are made unmade by sun and retreat from other light sources.
  • While the word "Drekavac" can mean "the yeller", a more correct meaning is "One that cries while yelling" taken from noun "Drečati" (commonly means baby cry). This is due to belief that Drekavac is a soul of unbaptised child. Whilst it is known that a Drekavac rises from the grave of an unbaptised child there is still considerable debate amongst learned folk as to whether the beast is actually the soul of the child or simply a twisted form of anima or the like.


Bukavac: rises from a similarly dead child which was cast into the water instead of buried, its form is less human than the Drekavac being a warped 6 limbed horned monstrosity. Other wise its behaviour is identical.

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