(Lee Barklam)

For the majority of the time, the characters will be able to travel a respectable number of miles each day, eat three good meals and have plenty of time to sleep, study, meditate, clean their armour and polish nicks out of their weapons. However, occasionally, the character may choose to push themselves through prolonged periods of activity with insufficient rest – exceeding their ENC maximum, travelling farther in a day that they should and\or getting fewer than 7 hours’ sleep a day all result in fatigue and exhaustion.

Exhaustion manifests as a reduction in a character’s Strength, Reflexes and Intelligence scores, as follows (all penalties are cumulative):

  • For every 2 hours (or part thereof) of travelling above the first 10, reduce a character’s Strength by 1. This does not include travel by boat, unless the characters are working as crew on the boat.
  • For every 2 hours (or part thereof) of sleep lost each night, reduce a character’s Reflexes and Intelligence by 1.
  • For each additional ENC of equipment carried above the character’s maximum each day (or part thereof), reduce Strength and Reflexes by 1 (eventually, this additional reduction in Strength may reduce the character's maximum ENC, further hastening exhaustion).
Exhaustion penalties can be recovered by resting. For each hour of rest above the daily minimum of 7 hours (which should include no strenuous physical or mental activity like spellcasting, moving faster than half basic movement rate or combat, etc.), the character reduces their exhaustion penalties in all affected scores by 1.

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