Faerie Folk

(Book 1, Book 4, Book 6, DWR, BES, FOTD)(c)2010 Carolyn Laplante and Magnum Opus Press.   Used with the generous permission of Carolyn Laplante.

This quote from Dragwars gives a clue to the capricious ways of faerie creatures:

"Do not be deceived by the beauty of Faerie folk, for their radiance is false; the Light of God shuns their form, and a dark sun warms their world."
- Brother Glodred, of the Order of Hell's Adversaries.
... May he rest in peace. (Wayne Imlach, 1998)

However, the best person to explain the nature of faerie within the Lands of Legend is Dave Morris, as he does in the following Fabled Lands post:

External Link: http://fabledlands.blogspot.com/2010/08/believing-in-faerie.html

The Faerie Folk are spread over several Wiki sections; see the Non-Magical Creatures* and Magical Creatures* pages - and in particular the Elves* page - for more details.

This section is not intended to be a repository for all creatures of faerie nature.

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