Fate and Fortune


Many game systems offer a way for a character to occasionally retry a rubbish roll. As a GM who tends to the "narrativist" approach, I find this especially useful when a player has thought up an interesting/dramatic action or made a clever tactical move - but then has all their fun spoiled by a rubbish roll just when they least expected it. Therefore I propose the following rules for a simple fate/fortune system in DW.

Fate Rolls

A character may make a certain number of Fate Rolls per game day. To determine how many rolls they may make per day:
  • Take the character's renown, as per DWR p. 131 (e.g Rank 1-3 = 1, 4-6 = 2, etc)
  • Modify the value according to the character's "Looks" score: -1 for below 9, +1 for 13-15, +2 for 16 or above, etc.
    • this reflects the fact that, in general "good looking people have it easier"... many studies even today suggest this is a genuine phenomen
    • Also, let's face it, Looks is always a "weak" attribute so we need to give it something to do... otherwise our characters will always be much uglier than those Larry Ellmore posters!
  • If the character is currently in a "friendly" area (e.g. their home village, or a town they once saved from a necromancer), then add 1
  • On the other hand, if they are decidedly "unwelcome" (e.g. sneaking into someone's house unbidden), then subtract 1

Fate Checks

Assuming their character has not used up all its Fate rolls for a day, a player may perform a fate check in the following manner:
  • They may only make one fate check per combat round
  • They must declare their check AFTER the normal dice roll but BEFORE the GM has announced the concrete results of that roll
  • They may reroll ONE roll (e.g. a d20 ATTACK roll, a 2d10 STEALTH roll), and MUST abide by the results of the second roll, even if it is worse

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