Fighting in the dark

(Book 1, pp56-57)

Here we discuss additional considerations to the Book 1 rules for fighting in the dark, such as:
  • Darksight* creatures
  • Profession-specific nuances

Darksight Creatures

In Book 4 we were introduced to the sight abilities, and STEALTH / PERCEPTION penalties, for creatures that could see in the dark. One would assume that for these, daylight is as darkness and hence fighting in daylight would bring the same penalties as fighting in the dark for those with Normal* sight.

This raises a couple of issues. To what extent would bright artificial light affect the vision of Darksighted* creatures in, say, a dungeon? Also, if a creature has Gloomsight*, does it suffer combat penalties in broad daylight? It is suggested that the answers are none, and no, respectively. However a GM might wish to give consideration to these issues for specific creatures or situations.

Profession-Specific Nuances

Book 1 prescribes a blanket penalty for all professions for fighting in the dark. However, with the introduction of Assassins* and Warlocks* in Book 4 and Book 6 respectively, it may be appropriate for special rules for certain professions.

On Dragwars on February 13, 2008, Kharille explained:

I always thought Assassins* ought to have an advantage fighting in the darkness. If they have a higher overall perception that must be due to a combination of senses. Mystics* too, with their thought detection and danger detection ought to have a slight advantage fighting in total darkness. However the perception modifiers in bk4 p40 don't appear to be figures that can easily be reflected in the general -4 ATTACK, -8 DEFENCE rule.

When the blindfighting skill is applied in Book 6 - Warlocks* we find that Warlocks* can develop their senses to the point of halving these penalties. Yet he's still as blind as most other character classes in the senses. Rather inconsistent wouldn't you say?

Anyone recommend a valid interpretation, something consistent with the information we already have available? I should like to think 'Blindfighting' ought to be an Assassin* skill from the start of the game.

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