First Aid


The house-rule below is useful for overland or long-running campaigns where the story doesn't just stop in between adventures. It gives parties a chance to recover a little quicker from combat, without making the combat itself any less deadly.

It is based on the following assumptions which you may or may not find reasonable for your campaign:
  • Medieval knowledge of medicine in general was rough and often dubious, but there was practical knowledge about binding wounds to control bleeding, and splinting.
  • Infection was not understood so was the biggest risk from treatment
  • Knights from their martial schooling, and Sorcerors from their book-larnin' on how to heal and hurt people, have better than average ability at applying first aid.

Applying First Aid

All DW adventuring professions may attempt first-aid after a battle, assuming they have the following conditions:
  • Character being healed did not become unconscious during the fight - that is they never went below 1 Health Point
  • 30 minutes of peace and quiet
  • Appropriate materials (cloth, water, splints, knife) - GM should be strict about deciding whether you actually have these
  • Good light to see by or the equivalent
To see if they are a successful, they should make a Skill Test vs. Intelligence, counting Knight and Sorcerer as relevant professions for gaining bonus modifiers.

Applying first-aid to oneself is subject to a -2 modifier given the added difficulty.

If they succeed, consult the table below to see the effects:
Degree of Success
Critical success+1 HP immediately
Wounds start healing tomorrow.
No infection roll needed.
Character may be up and active immediately.
SuccessWounds start healing d4-1 days after today (instead of the usual 4)
Infection roll needed with +1 bonus.
Character may be up and active after their next sleep.
FailureWounds take normal 4 days to heal.
Infection roll needed with -1 penalty.
Character up and active when GM decides it is reasonable.
Critical failureWounds take normal 4 days to heal.
Infection roll needed with -2 penalty.
Character is totally out of action for at least a day.

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