Full adventures

This page is reserved for fully fleshed out DW adventures; defined as those where the GM would have to do very little work to use them in a game. Such an adventure should be fully statted, come replete with maps and generally be written in a way that allows a GM who is unfamilar with the adventure to run it shortly after reading it.

1. A Family Plot, By Stephen Dove and Bulya.
A Dragon Warriors adventure for 3-4 characters of 4th-5th Rank.

A family feud in southern Albion, embroils the PCs with the murderous ghost of a dead wife, and an assault on an ancient manor.

2. Fire on the Hill, by Tom Clare.
An adventure for experienced characters.

An appeal from a Lady leads the PCs into daring the underworld of a malevolent Elf-King.

2. Rawhead and Bloodybones, by Tom Clare.
A scenario for 1st to 3rd rank characters, with a strangely familiar beginning…

A priest sends the PCs into Helfax Wood to challenge the dread ogre Rawhead.