(Golden Dragon 1)(c)1984 Leo Hartas. Used with the generous permission of Leo Hartas.

Basic Information
Powerful and wealthy individuals value their privacy greatly - intruders are most definitely not welcome! A Gatekeeper is usually created by a Sorcerer* to stand as an everlasting guardian against intruders. When an unknown interloper crosses the threshold, the Gatekeeper is magically transormed and animated by a sorcerous power (GD1 s69).

See Moon Dogs* for guidance on how to use Gatekeepers (BES p65).

Gatekeepers usually take the form of an innocuous door or gate that possesses the form of an intricate humanoid figure (GD1 s1). Metal bars are the preferred constuction material for Gatekeepers - both extremely strong and able to warp their form readily when the time comes for it to metamorphosise. The most intricate of Gatekeepers could also be classed as works of art (GD1 s1).

Known or Supposed Origins
Unknown, though Gatekeepers and similar constructions have been found in ancient Underworlds predating both the Selentine Empire* and the golden age of Emphidor*.

Special Abilities

Geographical Distribution
Gatekeepers exist wherever there are those who practice magic and the construction of items of power.

Average Statistics

ATTACK 14 Fists (d6, 4)
DEFENCE 5 Armour Factor (5)
MAGICAL DEFENCE 5 Movement: 12m
Health Points: 1d6+8 Rank Equivalent: 2

STEALTH 10 Vision: Panoptical

Note: No official statistics exist for Gatekeepers. The above statistics are fan-generated.


Gatekeepers can have any form their designer wishes and some truly exquisite examples have been found in the tombs and catacombs of ancient Khitai*, Emphidor* and Krarth*.

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