Getting Started

To navigate the Wiki, you can use the Navigation menu on the far left and also click on the links in the text. The Wiki is broken down into seven main areas, as follows:

  • Adventures - Many scenarios, which include feature-length campaigns, online games and tabletop gaming groups.
  • Lands of Legend - The nations, geography and cartography of the game world.
  • Lore of Legend - Setting material including magic items, myths, religion and NPCs.
  • Creatures - Monsters from the harmless to the horrific.
  • Miscellaneous - A diverse range of info directly related to the Dragon Warriors RPG, including books, authors and artists.
  • Professions - Observations including brand new creations.
  • Rules Interpretations - Detailed rules analysis and new house rules.
There is also a menu at the top left, with links to the discussion forum, photo gallery, video gallery and news items. The updates link will show you what content has been recently added or amended.

Before adding new content to the Wiki you need to read the style guide, terminology, licence and legal issues pages, which describe how to create, edit and use the info on this Wiki.

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