(Tom Clare)

Taller than the tallest Knight*, the ancient men of days long-gone may still be met inside old hill-mounds or within the shadows of the wildwood. They are the remnants of a heroic age when men were as large as their great deeds, a time of marvellous adventures and terrible battles. Now old and grizzled, dressed in antique armour and carrying enormous swords or spears, the Big Men spend their days in repose, or hunting, or simply watching the world change around them.

Men may have good cause to seek out the Giants. First, there is great renown in besting one in single combat. But there are other reasons: the Big Men are centuries old and have seen many things in their time; their words can be worth hearing. Those seeking stories or histories of days gone by may find a reservoir of wisdom and knowledge within the enormous hoary head of a Giant. How freely he will share it is another matter.

A giant man will follow the rigid code of his time to the letter; he will never refuse a fair challenge; never attack without giving fair warning; never battle an unworthy foe (such as a woman or a known coward); and always keep his word.

Average statistics

ATTACK 19 Sword (d8+2, 6)
DEFENCE 11 Heavy Spear [2 hnd] (d8+2, 5)
MAGICAL ATTACK N/A** Armour Factor (Ringmail 3)
EVASION 5 Movement: 12m(24m)
Health Points: 3d6+16

Rank Equivalent : 8th
STEALTH 9 Vision type: normal

A Mighty Wind

After taking two rounds to fill his lungs with air, the Giant proceeds to blow up a gale, forcing all before him to roll under their strength on 3d10 or be thrown back 3d6 metres.

The Great Shout

The Giant lets out an enormous shout, forcing all hearers to cover their ears (thus losing any actions for the rest of that round) and suffer a 1d6 Fright* attack. He may only do this once every five rounds.


Bringing his hands together with tremendous force and speed, the giant produces a deafening thunderclap, causing anyone within five metres of him to roll under their strength on 2d10 or collapse incapacitated with burst eardrums (stunned for 3d6 minutes, deaf for 1 to 5 months – roll a die; on a 6 the damage is permanent ). The Big Man must drop anything he is holding to do this.


The giant brings down his foot with such force that the very earth shakes. Everyone standing nearby must roll under their strength on 1d20 or fall to the ground.

Heroes of Old

Every Giant is unique and will have some peculiar abilities or geis of his own. Roll d100:

01-03 A golden eagle (see Book 3, page 167) accompanies the Giant.
04-06 A knot tied by the Giant cannot be untied by any living man (or at least not without rolling under their intelligence on 1d100).
07-08 A seed planted by the Giant will have grown into a great tree within the space of a day.
09-11 A wondrous huntsman, this Giant can track any quarry over any terrain, day or night.
12-14 Any woman who spends the night with the Giant will find herself pregnant from the experience (even if previously infertile). In one year and one day’s time she will give birth to triplets, all male, and all prodigiously strong. When grown to manhood, each will possess a strength of 19.
15-17 As the Giant engages in combat the sky begins to darken and the wind to stir. After five rounds a thunderhead has built up, enough for the Giant to call down the lightning. Any one within three metres of him when he does this will be struck by a small bolt of lightning, doing 3d6 points of damage. The giant can repeat this every fifth round.
18-19 No living creature may keep pace with the Giant when he runs.
20-22 Not a blade of grass bends under the Giant’s light tread. He has a STEALTH score of 20.
23-25 The birds, the insects, the very breezes whisper to the Giant. He can never be surprised while out in the open, and his fieldcraft is superb: he hunts in an unfamiliar land as well as if he was in his own country.
26-28 The Giant can drink up whole bodies of fresh water, and may spit them out again when he wishes.
29-31 The Giant can hold his breath for nine days and nine nights.
32-34 The Giant can leap three hundred acres in one bound.
35-36 The Giant can level a hill in a single day.
37-39 The Giant has such a dark, malevolent look that beholders suffer a d8 Fright* attack when they first see him.
40-42 The Giant has sworn an oath of fellowship to fire and water; he is immune to any damage caused by these elements, but may never drain or dam a natural body of water or extinguish a fire.
43-45 The Giant has the ability to stand as still as rock for years on end, so that moss and vines grow over him and birds roost in his hair.
46-48 The Giant has the gift of prophesy. (As a divination spell).
49-51 The Giant has the old wisdom of stars and stones and worts. Any patient treated by him gains 2d6 health points each day.
52-54 The Giant hits every target he aims for with his great throwing-spear.
55-57 The Giant is able to construct elaborate structures from stone in a single night. However, there is a one in six chance all these monuments will collapse when he dies.
58-60 The Giant is cursed with a voracious hunger, and will eat anything put before him.
61-63 The Giant knows the old songs that fires sing to themselves. He can control a fire causing it to blaze up or smoulder by singing to it. The Giant himself can perform no other action while singing.
64-66 The Giant knows the song of stillness; while he is singing it the world and all things within it stop and listen, spellbound. The Giant himself can perform no other action while singing.
67-68 The Giant knows the Songs of Ages Past. While he sings the world itself pauses, remembering, and old times can appear to the watcher. Using this ability a ruined castle could seem whole again; a battle or a murder could be re-enacted; or an ancient, vanished forest again stand tall. These images are only the dreams of the Earth, however, and they will fade away when the giant stops singing. The Giant himself can perform no other action while singing.
69-71 The Giant knows twenty-one times twenty-one epic stories, each more wondrous and thrilling than the last. Most of these tales have been lost to the men of today.
72-74 The Giant will succeed in any single one-round task if he rubs his magic tooth (a back molar) for one whole round before he begins.
75-77 The Giant’s furious nature reveals itself with a calescent aura so intense that he remains dry in the stormiest of weather. No companion feels the need of a warming fire while in his presence; and the mortal man who dares to lay bare hands upon the big man’s skin uninvited suffers one point of damage due to burns.
78-80 The sky itself is blood-brother to the Giant: his triumphs are its triumphs, his quarrels are its quarrels. The Giant’s moods can affect the local weather drastically.
81-83 The stones of the land have sworn fealty to the Giant; he is immune to any damage from stone.
84-85 There is no burden too large that this Giant cannot lift it upon his shoulders.
86-88 Two huge white hounds accompany the Giant (use Barghest* stats).
89 Upon hearing the Giant’s ringing call the very trees of the wildwood will uproot themselves to fight at his side. The summoning cry takes one round and is only effective in wilderness areas. 1 to 8 trees (treat as Okemen*) will rise up to serve him.
90-92 When he becomes enraged smoke curls from the Giant’s shoulders and he leaves scorch-marks on the ground.
93-94 When he puts his ear to the earth the Giant can hear events happening all around the world.
95-96 When he stretches up to his full height the Giant can see events happening all around the world.
97-00 Writhing midnight-blue tattoos cover the Giant, increasing his MAGICAL DEFENCE by +2. He knows the art of tattooing and, if he feels a character has done him a service or behaved with particular honour, he may offer to tattoo them. They will suffer 1d6 points of damage while under going the ordeal, but they too will benefit from the markings. However, due to the smaller surface area of a mortal man’s skin, the giant will not be able to render his work as fully as he would prefer, and the increased MAGICAL DEFENCE will only be +1.


1d6: 1 = average; 2-3 = good; 4-6 = bountiful.
Much of this is likely to be worn: as golden arm bands, electrum torcs and so on.

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