(Book 1, pp 95-96; DWR p.242)

Basic Information

Goblins are nasy little fey-things that delight in causing misery to mortal men. On the Thulandic Isles* and in some parts of mainland Thuland* are 'Goblins' known by the local name of Trow; a name which recalls their larger cousins the Troll*.

Wicked Thing

(Additional Rule: Tom Clare)
Goblins have a knack of finding all the chinks in armour. A goblin adds one to its armour by-pass roll each time it strikes a character in harness. Wounds caused by a Goblin take three times longer than usual to heal naturally.

Goblin Quirks

(Additional Rule: Tom Clare)
Goblins are a mishapen, varied lot, and individuals often possess peculiar traits. Referees may choose or roll d100 on the following table to select a particular quirk for a Goblin.

01-05 The Goblin has a long, hairy tail.
06 The Goblin possesses an antique weapon of ancient pedigree and masterful workmanship. The item is a +2 weapon, and the Goblin wields it with no penalty due to weight.
1 Two-handed Sword
2-3 Mace
4 Spear
5 Battle Axe
6 Morning Star
07 The Goblin has a furious, fiendish temper that erupts at the merest slight. Its eyes bulge horribly, its chest and neck swell, and its face blackens with rage. All seeing its fierce countenance suffer a 1d6 Fright attack. The angry Goblin inflicts an extra point of damage.
08 The Goblin carries a large, struggling sack over its back. In the first round of combat it will throw the bag down, releasing a big, very angry badger. The beast will launch itself at the first character it sees and tear at him for 1d3 rounds before shambling off. The Goblin will have quickly retreated so as not to be its target.
ATTACK 12 Fangs (1d4, 3) Movement: 20m
DEFENCE 4 Health Points 6 Rank: none
09 A swarm of bees has settled under the Goblin’s tattered cloak. At any time the creature can throw the garment back, releasing a cloud of angry bees.
A swarm of bees is a swarm attack, avoided with EVASION instead of DEFENCE. The best course of action against a swarming creature is a rapid retreat. The victim can attempt to destroy the swarm by attacking as normal but this is unlikely to succeed without some wide-area weapon such as fire or water, against which the swarm’s DEFENCE is halved. Any damage a swarm of bees does suffer is removed from its horde points.
SPEED 14 Stings (1d10,1d3) Movement: 20m
DEFENCE 14 Horde Points 5 Rank: 1st
10-14 The Goblin is much larger than its cronies.
ATTACK 15 M. DEFENCE 5 Movement: 15m (30m)
DEFENCE 6 EVASION 4 Health Points 13 Rank: 3rd
15 The Goblin carries a large kettle drum with it, beating it slowly before battle or celebrations. To mortal ears this is an eerie sound.
16-17 Over its back the Goblin carries a big, black sack. It will try to creep behind an opponent and, with a spring, bring the sack down over them and tie it tightly closed. One successful combat round will enable it to achieve this. The victim will not be able to escape from inside the sack, though anyone else may free him in one round.
18-20 The Goblin has a large, dog-like nose. It possesses an acute sense of smell and can track like an Assassin*.
21-22 The Goblin rides a large wild boar as a steed. However, the boar is still wild and unpredictable; its Goblin rider has very little control over it.
23 This brutish Goblin is huge and strong, but very stupid. A small Goblin sits on its shoulders shouting orders. Each round the brutish Goblin must roll equal to or below its intelligence of 4 on a 1d8, or stand confused for a round while its small passenger chatters with rage.
Brutish Goblin:
ATTACK 17 M. DEFENCE 4 Mace (1d6, 4) Move: 15m (30m)
DEFENCE 6 EVASION 4 Health Points 18 Rank: 4th
STEALTH 12 PERCEPTION 4 (handler: 13)
24-25 This Goblin wears a bucket over its head. The bucket has eyeholes so the creature can see and counts as 1 point of armour.
26-28 Tough, scaly bunions cover the goblin, granting an armour factor of 2.
29-30 From a pouch at its waste the goblin pulls small, shrivelled chestnuts which it hurls at foes with a sling.
30-33 The goblin knows far too much of everyone-else’s business. Player characters may be surprised to hear that the creature is familiar with their name, family history, and the details of any embarrassing incident in their past. It is quite ready to share this information with anyone nearby.
34-35 The Goblin loves fire and explosions, and always carries 1d3 small clay pots of antique fire and 1d6 of black powder.
36 Unlike other Goblins who, like all fell-things, must tell the literal truth, this goblin is incapable of veracity. Instead it is compelled to tell the most incredible, blatant lies imaginable at every opportunity.
37-40 The Goblin is a marvellous wright in a particular craft. It may be able to weave fine, intricate clothes from grass and cobwebs; or cook fantastic meals that mortals who partake will hunger for all the rest of their lives. The creature’s services are worthy of a king.
41-42 Mud, grime, and stains cover the Goblin. Anyone coming into contact with it will afterward find themselves smeared with filthy patches that have completely ruined their clothes.
43-44 The Goblin has such a dark, malevolent look that beholders suffer a 1d10 Fright attack when they first catch its eye.
45 Hanging from the Goblin’s shoulder is a large clay flagon of potent Goblin ale. Any character drinking the brew must make a strong poison roll. If he fails he falls into a dreamless sleep for 1d6 weeks.
46-47 The Goblin has a very sharp, irritating voice that violently disturbs animals and babies.
48 The first severe wound (six points or more) with an edged weapon cleaves this Goblin’s head right off. This enrages the head, which, from the ground where it has fallen, berates its foe with terrible goblin curses, yells directions to its still-fighting body, and generally makes its displeasure known. The Goblin’s body is blind and flailing, and only has a 1 in 6 chance of even connecting with its opponent. On a 6 the body has tripped over the head, and, after a round of righting itself, the Goblin can re-enter the fray with its head firmly clutched under its arm. Those watching this spectacle suffer a 1d8 Fright attack.
49-50 The creature has a habit of eating small stones it finds on the ground. It may also take a bite of any weapon that comes too close to it, ruining them. If the goblin rolls an odd numbered result while successfully defending itself, it has bitten the weapon in half. If the attacker has no weapon, he suffers a (1d10, 2) injury.
51-53 The Goblin carries a multitude of unexpected objects that it has picked up or stolen. Its pockets, pouches, and satchels bulge with both mundane and curious things.
54-55 A shaggy pair of horns grow out of the Goblin’s forehead. When charging into battle it lowers its head and attempts to knock opponents over. The horns act as (1d6, 4) weapons during the first round of a combat, and anyone struck by them must roll equal to or less than his reflexes on a d20 or be knocked to the ground.
56-58 This Goblin is tiny but irritatingly agile.
ATTACK 9 M. DEFENCE 5 Movement: 15m (30m)
DEFENCE 9 EVASION 9 Health Points 6 Rank: 1st
59 The Goblin wears loose, clattering armour made from old pots and kettles, giving it an armour factor of 5, but reducing its ATTACK to 12 and its STEALTH to 10.
60 This Goblin suffers from terrible allergies and is prone to enormous sneezes. Anyone caught by one of these sneezes (i.e. anyone directly in front of the Goblin – they get one round of warning as it inhales) must roll equal to or less than their strength on 1d20 or be hurled six metres back, taking 1d4 damage. The other Goblins know of their companion’s malady, and, armed with pepper, make full use of it.
61-62 The Goblin can magically mend any small, mundane object it chooses in 1d6 minutes.
63-65 The Goblin can imitate any voice and most of the sounds it hears.
66 A large crop of mushrooms are growing from the Goblin’s head and back. Anytime the Goblin is struck there is a 1 in 3 chance of a mushroom being hit, releasing a cloud of poisonous spores into its opponent’s face. Anyone so assailed must roll equal to or less than his reflexes on a d20 or suffer a strong poison attack.
67 An ancient, balding crow sits on the Goblin’s shoulder, loudly offering unhelpful advice in a harsh voice.
68-70 The Goblin is hunchbacked, even by Goblin standards. Its chin almost touches its knees.
70-72 The Goblin’s skin is covered with dark patches, giving it a pied appearance.
73 The Goblin is firmly of the opinion that it is an excellent musician with the ragged, antique bagpipes it carries, despite what its fellows say. The cacophony requires all mortal hearers to roll equal to or less than their strength on a 2d10 or rout with hands to ears.
74 The Goblin has spines growing out of its back, like a hedgehog. It possesses an armour factor of 2, and anyone striking it with a bare hand or foot has a 4 in 6 chance of taking (1d4, 1) point of damage.
75 The Goblin has been chained up by its cohorts for some terrible Goblin crime. They will throw the prisoner in their opponent’s way at the first opportunity.
76 The Goblin can foretell the future. However, it can only see the bad things that happen. Or, at least, it only reveals the bad things.
77 Around the Goblin’s person hang scores of keys, large and small, rough iron and delicate gold. This odd assortment counts as an armour factor of 4.
78 A light shower of rain accompanies the Goblin where-ever it goes. It hates this.
79 The Goblin plays a bone flute of haunting sweetness with which it can summon and command a horde of rats. Once called, the rats will appear in 1d6 rounds.
A horde of rats is a swarm attack, avoided with EVASION instead of DEFENCE. The best course of action against a swarming creature is a rapid retreat. The victim can attempt to destroy the swarm by attacking as normal but this is unlikely to succeed without some wide-area weapon such as fire or water, against which the horde’s DEFENCE is halved. Any damage the horde does suffer is removed from its horde points.
SPEED 14 Bites (1d10, 1d4) Movement: 12m (25m)
DEFENCE 12 Horde Points 8 Rank: 1st
80-81 This Goblin is overly fond of riddles and word-play, and takes every opportunity to indulge in this amusement.
82 The Goblin carries a very large pair of scissors that it uses as its particular weapon, even though they reduce the creature's ATTACK to 12.
Scissors (1d6, 3)
83-84 Thick, matted hair almost entirely covers the goblin.
85 The Goblin has long, hare-like ears. It has wonderfully sensitive hearing and a PERCEPTION score of 17.
86 This Goblin is extremely heavy, although this is not apparent from its small stature. A combined strength score of at least eighteen is required to move the creature, once it decides it does not wish to move.
87-88 The Goblin weaves intricate nets and snares from the hairs of peasant women. Those caught in the strands of these nets must struggle to free themselves each round by rolling less than or equal to their intelligence on 2d20.
89 The Goblin is a rather haphazard student of the elemental forces. It has the abilities of a 2d3 rank Elementalist*.
90 The Goblin keeps a Giant Spider* in his hat as a pet.
91 A strong, not entirely unpleasant musky odour surrounds the Goblin. Whenever it gets excited the smell become intolerable; all mortals within ten metres of the creature must roll equal to or less than their strength on a 2d10 or double over covering their nose. Each subsequent round the roll must be made again, but with 2d8.
92-93 When very annoyed, the Goblin shuts its mouth, holds its breath, and begins to swell in size (just like an Ire Goblin*).
94 If hard pressed the Goblin will call out to its grandmother. She arrives in three rounds, a shrivelled, ancient Goblin-woman clutching a gnarled stick. She is formidable, however, and has the statistics and abilities of a Hag*.
95 The Goblin is always accompanied by a retinue of large toads.
96-97 After taking three rounds to suck in an enormous lungful of air, the Goblin can let it all out at tremendous speed, forcing all before it to roll equal to or less than their strength on 2d20 or be hurled back 2d6 metres.
98-99 The Goblin has huge hands, capable of inflicting tremendous blows. Its fists are (1d6, 4) weapons.
100 The Goblin carries a struggling, complaining bag over its shoulder. Those defeating the goblin will find the bag to contain a mortal baby…

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