Hantu Raya

Hantu Raya

There are a number of spectral and demonic beings bound into service by the sorcerers and witches of the Thousand Islands.

In the case of a Hantu Raya, the owner is said to have formed a pact with a demon or inherited it from older generations as a Saka or legacy which is handed on down the generations. In return for the advantages and power, the owner agrees to provide for the demon and appoint a new owner for it before dying.

People who fail to untie their bond with the Hantu Raya will suffer terrible deaths and their bodies will rise as living corpses after their death and prey upon the living.

The Hantu Raya will then adopt the look of its owner ever after death and go roaming about the area. It will search for food, victims and a new owner at night and may resort to haunting buildings and people in its frustration.

When it has found an owner the Hantu Raya is capable of materializing and shaping itself into a human being or animal and can make itself a double for its owner. Among its less popular behaviours, though some owners encourage the behaviour, is to form its owner's shape and sleep with the owner's partners. It can be used to perform heavy duties as commanded by its master, even to harm his enemies. It can also possess or cause death to other people if so ordered. The Hantu Rayu can commit any crimes a master may desire and is capable of working without pause as if it were a team of twelve men.

Normally the Hantu Raya
feasts on acak – a special offering made for the spirit, containing: yellow glutinous rice, eggs, roasted chicken, rice flakes and a doll bound with the masters hair.

In some cases, particularly for gruelling services, the Hantu Raya is offered the blood of a slaughtered animal as a sacrifice.

Food offerings must strictly be observed in a timely manner, to avoid any harm caused by the spirit.

When materialised the Hantu Rayu has the statistics of a Wight* ( sans powers) no matter what its form, it is immune to non-
magical weapons, can become immaterial at will and can only be permanently destroyed by finding the original pact and burning it.

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