(Tom Clare)

Basic Information

Belligerent and cantankerous, the shaggy black He-Goats of Ellesland* are utterly fearless and capable of initiating an attack on an enemy three times their size. Although they are not particularly dangerous, they can be a thorough nuisance to any that raise their ire, and never forget a grudge. Goblins* often use He-Goats as steeds on night errands.


He-Goats usually charge into battle. Like bulls, the target of a goat’s attack can’t hope to defend himself against this assault; he can only try and leap out of the way. The character must subtract his EVASION from the goat’s SPEED of 13. If he fails he takes 1d6 points of damage (less armour factor), and is knocked back 3 metres. A He-Goat may not charge once engaged in the thick of combat, but it may break off or leave a fallen enemy to charge at another target several metres away.

Average Statistics

ATTACK 14 Horns (1d6, 3)
MAGICAL DEFENCE 4 Movement: 12m (25m)
Health Points: 1d6+3 Rank Equivalent: 1st

STEALTH 9 Vision: Normal

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