The eighth book in the revised series is an anthology of magazine articles by Dave Morris, adapted and updated for Dragon Warriors.

Title: "In From the Cold"
Author:Dave Morris, Oliver Johnson and Mike Polling
Illustrator:Jon Hodgson, Scott Neil, Gordon Napier and Steve Dismukes
Published: November 2010
Publisher: Magnum Opus Press (printed by Mongoose Publishing)
ISBN:978-1-907218-94-1 (PDF: 978-1-906402-14-3)
Pages: 112
Subject Matter: An anthology that collects numerous articles from early issues of White Dwarf magazine and converts them to DW. The selection includes the Demonologist profession, seven adventures and advice on portrying the undead. Edited by Ian Sturrock, James Wallis and Beth Lewis.
Scenarios: The Lone and Level Sands*
A Box of Old Bones*
The Unquiet Grave*
The Serpent's Venom*
The Temple of the Lost God*
A Ballad of Times Past*
The Key of Tirandor*

DWR In From The Cold
Note: Cover art by Jon Hodgson.

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