The following is a list of illustrations that were published in the gamebooks, with credits. Where several images are present on a single page, an alphabetical suffix denotes the image position (ordered from left-to-right, top-to-bottom).

Book 1

Bk1 p3Bob Harvey(?)Dragon Warriors* logo
Bk1 p9ALeo HartasChapter 1 title
Bk1 p9BLeo HartasScreaming skull
Bk1 p11Leo HartasKnight* carrying a Dragon's* claw
Bk1 p12Leo HartasRPG example Part 1 - GamesMaster & 3x players (full page)
Bk1 p13Leo HartasRPG example Part 2 - Two Knights* and a Barbarian* reading a map (full page)
Bk1 p16Leo HartasCurved dagger
Bk1 p17Bob Harvey(?)Dice - d4 and d6
Bk1 p18Bob Harvey(?)Dice - d8, d10 and d12
Bk1 p19Bob Harvey(?)Die - d20
Bk1 p21Leo HartasChapter 2 title with Barbarian* & dice (full page)
Bk1 p29Leo HartasBarbarian* portrait
Bk1 p31Leo HartasChapter 3 title
Bk1 p33Leo HartasBattleaxe, dagger, cudgel, shortsword, sword, morning star and mace
Bk1 p34Leo HartasSpear, staff, two-handed sword and halberd
Bk1 p35Leo HartasPunching fist
Bk1 p36Leo HartasMelee combat example Part 1 (full page)
Bk1 p37Leo HartasMelee combat example Part 2 (full page)
Bk1 p41Leo HartasShield
Bk1 p45Leo HartasChapter 4 title
Bk1 p49Leo HartasChapter 5 title
Bk1 p53Leo HartasChapter 6 title with a Knight*, Barbarian* and Sorcerer*(?) (full page)
Bk1 p54Leo HartasLantern
Bk1 p55ALeo HartasTwo Knights* and a Barbarian* encounter a monster
Bk1 p55BLeo HartasTwo Knights* and a Barbarian* surprised by monster
Bk1 p56Leo HartasTwo Knights* and a Barbarian* with a monster hiding behind a door
Bk1 p58Leo HartasGoblin*(?) skull
Bk1 p59Leo HartasBarbarian* breaking down a door
Bk1 p65Leo HartasBarbarian*(?) climbing up a tower beneath an evil Sorcerer*(?) (full page)
Bk1 p67Leo HartasKnight* falling off a cliff (full page)
Bk1 p71Leo HartasKnight* portrait
Bk1 p73Leo HartasChapter 7 title
Bk1 p78Bob HarveyBear*
Bk1 p79Bob HarveyCrocodile*
Bk1 p80Bob HarveyDeath's Head*
Bk1 p83Bob HarveyDragon* (full page)
Bk1 p84Bob HarveyDwarf*
Bk1 p87Bob HarveyThree Elves* (full page)
Bk1 p90Bob HarveyGargoyle*
Bk1 p93Bob HarveyGiant Spider*
Bk1 p95Bob HarveyGnome*
Bk1 p97Bob HarveyGorgon* (full page)
Bk1 p103Bob HarveyManticore*
Bk1 p105Bob HarveyOgre* (full page)
Bk1 p107Bob HarveyOrc*
Bk1 p110Bob HarveyPython*
Bk1 p112Bob HarveyTroll*
Bk1 p114Bob HarveyVolucreth* (full page)
Bk1 p118Bob HarveySkeleton* (full page)
Bk1 p122Bob HarveyVampire* (full page)
Bk1 p127Bob HarveyTwo Zombies*
Bk1 p129Leo HartasChapter 8 title with Lion's* jaws and a Barbarian* (full page)
Bk1 p132Leo HartasMap of Baron Aldred's western lands Part 1 (full page)
Bk1 p133Leo HartasMap of Baron Aldred's western lands Part 2 (full page)
Bk1 p145Leo HartasChapter 9 title
Bk1 p149ABob Harvey(?)Knight* icon
Bk1 p149BBob Harvey(?)Barbarian* icon
Bk1 p150ABob Harvey(?)Sorcerer* icon
Bk1 p150BBob Harvey(?)Mystic* icon
Bk1 p161Bob Harvey(?)Map of Vallandar's Tomb* (full page)
Bk1 p172Leo HartasBarrier of Light* (full page)
Bk1 p175Leo HartasUnderground River* (full page)
Bk1 p184Leo HartasVallandar* and Morgrin* (full page)
Bk1 p187Leo HartasWooden chest
Bk1 p188Leo HartasHorse rider at dusk
Bk1 p189Leo HartasChapter 10 title
Bk1 p192Bob Harvey(?)Solo tactics diagrams
Bk1 p193Bob Harvey(?)Group tactics Situation A diagram
Bk1 p194Bob Harvey(?)Group tactics Situation B diagram
Bk1 p195Bob Harvey(?)Group tactics Situation C diagram
Bk1 p201Bob HarveyKnight* and Barbarian* character sheet (full page)

Book 2

Bk2 p3Bob Harvey(?)The Way of Wizardry* logo
Bk2 p9Leo HartasChapter 1 title with Sorcerer* casting spell
Bk2 p14Leo HartasSpell book and Witch*(?)
Bk2 p15Leo HartasChapter 2 title
Bk2 p16Bob HarveySorcerer* casting spell on Wolves* (full page)
Bk2 p50Leo HartasScroll
Bk2 p51Leo HartasChapter 3 title
Bk2 p52Bob HarveyMystic* on horseback with Goblin*(or Spriggan*?) (full page)
Bk2 p73Leo HartasDagger
Bk2 p75Leo HartasChapter 4 title with Knight*, Dragon* and treasure (full page)
Bk2 p83Leo HartasChapter 5 title
Bk2 p101Leo HartasRing of Red Ruin*
Bk2 p109Leo HartasDice fighters
Bk2 p111Leo HartasChapter 6 title
Bk2 p112Leo HartasBeorn* (full page)
Bk2 p120Bob Harvey(?)Map of Hob's Dell* (full page)
Bk2 p126Leo HartasRiver (full page)
Bk2 p128Leo HartasHarald the Tax Collector* (full page)
Bk2 p136Bob Harvey(?)Map of the Wight's Barrow* (full page)
Bk2 p143Leo Hartas(?)Map of the Walled Citadel* (full page)
Bk2 p147Bob Harvey(?)Map of the Temple of the Moon* (full page)
Bk2 p149Leo HartasSummit of Temple* (full page)
Bk2 p155Leo HartasTwo Skeletons* (full page)
Bk2 p156Leo HartasUnknown magical trap
Bk2 p159Leo HartasKarvala's Tower* (full page)
Bk2 p161Leo HartasAmulet
Bk2 p162Leo HartasStoppered bottle
Bk2 p164Bob HarveyMystic* character sheet (full page)
Bk2 p120Bob HarveySorcerer* character sheet (full page)

Book 3

Bk3 p5Bob Harvey(?)The Elven Crystals* logo
Bk3 p8Leo HartasMap of Ereworn* (full page)
Bk3 p20Leo HartasMap of Gallows Wood* Part 1 (full page)
Bk3 p21Leo HartasMap of Gallows Wood* Part 2 (full page)
Bk3 p24Leo HartasHobgoblin*
Bk3 p28Leo HartasManuscript (full page)
Bk3 p38Leo HartasThorn Demons* and Sorcerer*(?) (full page)
Bk3 p47Leo HartasMap of Ruined Tower*
Bk3 p48Leo HartasGrotesque Fountain*
Bk3 p50Leo HartasUnderground Chamber* (full page)
Bk3 p59Leo HartasHellglade* (full page)
Bk3 p63Leo HartasMap of Ruined Villa* (full page)
Bk3 p72Leo HartasHydra* (full page)
Bk3 p75Leo HartasEerie Carraige* (full page)
Bk3 p82Leo HartasRuined Monastery* (full page)
Bk3 p84Leo HartasThe Well in Gallows Wood* (full page)
Bk3 p86Leo HartasMap of the Well in Gallows Wood* (full page)
Bk3 p96Leo HartasCastle of Terror* and Bridge of Illusions* (full page)
Bk3 p98Leo HartasMap of Castle Ereworn* Part 1 (full page)
Bk3 p99Leo HartasMap of Castle Ereworn* Part 2
Bk3 p101Leo HartasRamp and boulders (full page)
Bk3 p106Leo HartasCourtyard* (full page)
Bk3 p116Leo HartasPoltergeist Room* (full page)
Bk3 p120Leo HartasBanqueting Hall* (full page)
Bk3 p129Leo HartasCavern of the Undead* (full page)
Bk3 p134Leo HartasMap of the Dungeon*
Bk3 p136Leo HartasThrone Room* (full page)
Bk3 p139Leo HartasPriest* (full page)
Bk3 p146Leo HartasMap of Skull Island and Sulphur Bay* (full page)
Bk3 p148Leo HartasThe Silver Halyard* (full page)
Bk3 p153Leo HartasVillagers* (full page)
Bk3 p155Leo HartasTower* (full page)
Bk3 p164Leo HartasChurchyard* (full page)
Bk3 p171Leo HartasMap of Caverns* (full page)
Bk3 p174Leo HartasPriest* (full page)

Book 4

Bk4 p3Bob Harvey(?)Out of the Shadows* logo
Bk4 p8Bob HarveyTwo Assassins* and a victim (full page)
Bk4 p10<see original>Reproduction of Bk2 p73
Bk4 p19Bob HarveyUnknown building and an Assassin*(?)
Bk4 p28<see original>Reproduction of Bk1 p112
Bk4 p30<see original>Reproduction of Bk1 p80
Bk4 p35Bob HarveyTwo Orcs* and an Assassin* (full page)
Bk4 p40<see original>Reproduction of Bk1 p127
Bk4 p59<see original>Reproduction of Bk2 p50
Bk4 p64Bob HarveyCadaver*(?) (full page)
Bk4 p72Bob HarveyChimera* (full page)
Bk4 p82Bob HarveyGrave Gaunt* (full page)
Bk4 p84Bob HarveyGryphon* (full page)
Bk4 p90<see original>Reproduction of Bk1 p112
Bk4 p92Bob HarveyTwo Imps* (or two Spriggan*?)
Bk4 p113Bob HarveyMere Gaunt* (full page)
Bk4 p122Bob HarveyOni* and a Knight* (full page)
Bk4 p127Bob HarveyRakshah* (full page)
Bk4 p131Bob HarveyShen Lun* - Black Dragon* (full page)
Bk4 p135Bob HarveySkullghast*
Bk4 p137<see original>Reproduction of Bk4 p92
Bk4 p143<see original>Reproduction of Bk1 p127
Bk4 p150Bob HarveyKnight*, Barbarian* and Sorcerer*(?) (full page)
Bk4 p155Bob Harvey(?)Map of Valour Hall* (full page)
Bk4 p162Bob HarveySnake Pit* and Barbarian* (full page)
Bk4 p167Bob HarveyShrine* and two Knights* (full page)
Bk4 p171<see original>Reproduction of Bk1 p112
Bk4 p178Bob Harvey(?)Map of the Boar-King's Lair* (full page)
Bk4 p190Bob HarveyWyvern* and Knight* (full page)
Bk4 p202Leo Hartas(?)Map of Baron Aldred's* eastern domain Part 1 (full page)
Bk4 p203Leo Hartas(?)Map of Baron Aldred's* eastern domain Part 2 (full page)
Bk4 p210Bob HarveyGrafven*(?) and Myrkyn's Castle* Part 1
Bk4 p210Bob HarveyGrafven*(?) and Myrkyn's Castle* Part 2
Bk4 p212Bob HarveyBattlements of Myrkyn's Castle* (full page)
Bk4 p216Bob HarveyMap of Myrkyn's Castle* Part 1 (full page)
Bk4 p217Bob HarveyMap of Myrkyn's Castle* Part 2 (full page)
Bk4 p228Bob HarveyMap of the Underworld* (full page)
Bk4 p233Bob HarveyIfrit* (full page)
Bk4 p243Bob HarveyEyes of Ineluctable Scrutiny* (full page)

Book 5

Bk5 p3Bob Harvey(?)The Power of Darkness* logo
Bk5 p15Bob HarveyChalice and snake
Bk5 p17Bob HarveyBallista(?)
Bk5 p19Bob HarveyElementalist* casting Tangleroots* on an Ogre* (full page)
Bk5 p20Bob HarveyShortsword and morning star
Bk5 p21Bob HarveyUnknown
Bk5 p22Bob HarveyElementalist* casting Give Up the Dead* (full page)
Bk5 p29Bob HarveyElementalist* casting Summon the Host of Air* (full page)
Bk5 p30Bob HarveyElementalist* walking through a wall (full page)
Bk5 p33<see original>Reproduction of Bk5 p17
Bk5 p36<see original>Reproduction of Bk5 p20
Bk5 p38Bob HarveyElementalist* and frozen Barbarian* (full page)
Bk5 p41Bob HarveyElementalist casting Summon Tidal Wave* (full page)
Bk5 p42Bob HarveyElementalist* casting Pyrotechnics* (full page)
Bk5 p46Bob HarveyKnight*(?) wielding a Fire Weapon* (full page)
Bk5 p48<see original>Reproduction of Bk5 p15
Bk5 p50Bob HarveyElementalist* throwing a Javelin of Darkness* (full page)
Bk5 p54Bob HarveyElementalist* and Shadow Self* (full page)

Book 6

Bk6 p5Bob Harvey(?)Lands of Legend* logo
Bk6 p6Geoff WingateMap of Lands of Legend* (full page)
Bk6 p11Russ NicholsonAn Assassin*, a Barbarian*(?), a Knight* and a Sorcerer*(?)
Bk6 p12Geoff WingatePolitical map of Lands of Legend* Part 1 (full page)
Bk6 p13Geoff WingatePolitical map of Lands of Legend* Part 1 (full page)
Bk6 p20Geoff WingateMap of Ellesland* (full page)
Bk6 p26Russ NicholsonMagi* (full page)
Bk6 p53Russ NicholsonHuman skull and treasure
Bk6 p58Russ NicholsonCasket of Feys* manifesting a blizzard (full page)
Bk6 p75Russ NicholsonLongships at dusk
Bk6 p79<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p53
Bk6 p82Russ NicholsonWendigo Pelt* (full page)
Bk6 p85Russ NicholsonUnknown woman and Ghost*(?) (full page)
Bk6 p88Geoff WingateLegend* language chart (full page)
Bk6 p101Russ NicholsonSorcerer*(?) and unholy book
Bk6 p108Russ NicholsonThe Market Court* (full page)
Bk6 p129Russ NicholsonAssassins* and Knights* at a Tourney* (full page)
Bk6 p136<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p11
Bk6 p141<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p53
Bk6 p143Russ NicholsonCharacter sheet Part 1 (full page)
Bk6 p144Russ NicholsonCharacter sheet Part 2 (full page)
Bk6 p149<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p101
Bk6 p153<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p11
Bk6 p159<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p53
Bk6 p164Geoff WingateGeographic map of Lands of Legend* Part 1 (full page)
Bk6 p165Geoff WingateGeographic map of Lands of Legend* Part 2 (full page)
Bk6 p166Geoff WingateGeographic map of Lands of Legend* Part 3 (full page)
Bk6 p167Geoff WingateGeographic map of Lands of Legend* Part 4 (full page)
Bk6 p170<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p75
Bk6 p178Russ NicholsonLongboat and Kraken*(?) (full page)
Bk6 p182<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p75
Bk6 p197Russ NicholsonWarlock* casting Hellfire* (full page)
Bk6 p207Russ NicholsonHippogriff* (full page)
Bk6 p211<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p85
Bk6 p217Geoff Wingate(?)Example Warlock* character sheet (full page)
Bk6 p224<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p75
Bk6 p228Russ NicholsonGhulfang*, Varun* and Rashang* (full page)
Bk6 p244<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p11
Bk6 p255Russ NicholsonLord Chonmaru*, Subotai*, three Knights* and Aknatli* natives (full page)
Bk6 p230Geoff WingateTerrain map of Lands of Legend* Page 1 (full page)
Bk6 p231Geoff WingateTerrain map of Lands of Legend* Page 2 (full page)
Bk6 p232Geoff WingateTerrain map of Lands of Legend* Page 3 (full page)
Bk6 p233Geoff WingateTerrain map of Lands of Legend* Page 4 (full page)
Bk6 p264<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p53
Bk6 p266<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p11
Bk6 p271<see original>Reproduction of Bk6 p75

Bloodsword 1


Bloodsword 2


Bloodsword 3


Bloodsword 4


Bloodsword 5


Golden Dragon 1

GD1 s1Leo HartasGatekeeper^ of Tenebron Hall^ (full page)
GD1 s15Leo Hartas'Chair of Bones'^ (full page)
GD1 s20Leo HartasWight* (full page)
GD1 s23Leo HartasSword
GD1 s29Leo HartasFather Harkas^ (full page)
GD1 s50Leo HartasHell Hound* (full page)
GD1 s60Leo HartasHobgoblin* (full page)
GD1 s70Leo HartasBlack Queen^ (full page)
GD1 s75Leo HartasBat*
GD1 s80Leo HartasTenebron Hall^ (full page)
GD1 s90Leo HartasGiant Spider* (full page)
GD1 s100Leo HartasGanelon the Paladin^ (full page)
GD1 s110Leo HartasSkeleton Symphony^ (full page)
GD1 s118Leo HartasTreasure
GD1 s120Leo HartasWooden chest (full page)
GD1 s127Leo HartasBat* teeth and wing
GD1 s130Leo Hartas'Chess Master'^ (full page)
GD1 s133Leo HartasSkull and candle (full page)
GD1 s140Leo HartasWistren Wood* (full page)
GD1 s150Leo HartasShield of Ganelon^ (full page)
GD1 s163Leo HartasWitch* and Miasmoid^ (full page)
GD1 s182Leo HartasTwo Bats* (full page)
GD1 s190Leo HartasElf* (full page)
GD1 s200Leo HartasWitch* (full page)
GD1 s203Leo HartasCoffin
GD1 s210Leo HartasPainting of Lord Tenebron^ (full page)
GD1 s221<see original>Reproduction of GD1 s75
GD1 s223Leo HartasCavern (full page)
GD1 s225Leo HartasLantern
GD1 s237Leo HartasBarbarian* (full page)
GD1 s242Leo HartasSuit of plate armour (full page)
GD1 s251Leo Hartas'Canvas Archer'^ (full page)
GD1 s263Leo HartasVenefix^ (full page)
GD1 s276Leo HartasUnholy altar (full page)
GD1 s283ALeo HartasLord Tenebron^ Part 1 (full page)
GD1 s283BLeo HartasLord Tenebron^ Part 2 (full page)

Golden Dragon 2

GD2 BackgroundLeo HartasShip and sailors (full page)
GD2 s11Leo HartasMinki^ the monkey (full page)
GD2 s15Leo HartasSpider and bone
GD2 s22Leo HartasGiant Scorpion* (full page)
GD2 s24Leo HartasCoin
GD2 s40Leo HartasWitchdoctor^ (full page)
GD2 s48Leo HartasCarving and snake
GD2 s51Leo HartasNative in a cage (full page)
GD2 s58Leo HartasRing
GD2 s76Leo HartasSerpent statue (full page)
GD2 s80Leo HartasTemple of Katak^ and Minki^ (full page)
GD2 s82Leo HartasAnku^ pectoral
GD2 s91Leo HartasTreasure and corpse (full page)
GD2 s102Leo HartasTwo Sentries^ (full page)
GD2 s111Leo HartasPhoenix* (full page)
GD2 s120Leo HartasDamontir the Mad^ (full page)
GD2 s130Leo HartasMummified Priest-Kings^ (full page)
GD2 s136Leo HartasSword
GD2 s140Leo HartasCorpse in sarcophagus (full page)
GD2 s143Leo HartasIctec^ heiroglyph (full page)
GD2 s150Leo HartasTwo Spectres* (full page)
GD2 s160Leo HartasSulsa Doom^ (full page)
GD2 s170Leo HartasStatue and pool (full page)
GD2 s180Leo HartasStatue with Anku Gods^ heiroglyphs (full page)
GD2 s190Leo HartasNightmare Guard^ (full page)
GD2 s205Leo HartasTwo Cadavers* (full page)
GD2 s219Leo HartasAutonomous boat (full page)
GD2 s230Leo HartasSuit of Anku^ armour (full page)
GD2 s252Leo HartasEyes and claw
GD2 s257Leo HartasCasket and pit (full page)
GD2 s265Leo HartasGolem* (full page)
GD2 s275Leo HartasDragon* (full page)
GD2 s283Leo HartasDamontir the Mad^ (full page)
GD2 s295Leo HartasBoulder and staircase (full page)
GD2 s300Leo HartasGolden Idol of Katak^ (full page)

Golden Dragon 4

GD4 MapRuss NicholsonMap of Thalios^ (full page)
GD4 s1Russ NicholsonGuards from the Academy^ (full page)
GD4 s9Russ NicholsonSword
GD4 s12Russ NicholsonArena^ (full page)
GD4 s24Russ NicholsonKraken of Thalios^ (full page)
GD4 s32Russ NicholsonHuman skull
GD4 s36Russ NicholsonIdol of the Warrior God^ (full page)
GD4 s48Russ NicholsonKappa* (full page)
GD4 s60Russ NicholsonSentinel Crab* (full page)
GD4 s64Russ NicholsonTreasure
GD4 s72Russ NicholsonConsul's Palace^ (full page)
GD4 s84Russ NicholsonThree Gloomviles^ (full page)
GD4 s96Russ NicholsonPurple door (full page)
GD4 s108Russ NicholsonBoolag the Beggar^ (full page)
GD4 s120Russ NicholsonSphinxes^ (full page)
GD4 s132Russ NicholsonCursed hallway (full page)
GD4 s144Russ NicholsonAmber Pantechnicon^ (full page)
GD4 s150<see original>Reproduction of GD4 s9
GD4 s156Russ NicholsonTwo Lich Knights^ (full page)
GD4 s168Russ NicholsonSinistrum^ (full page)
GD4 s180Russ NicholsonVault of Heroes^ (full page)
GD4 s184Russ NicholsonShip
GD4 s192Russ NicholsonHarp (full page)
GD4 s194<see original>Reproduction of GD4 s32
GD4 s201<see original>Reproduction of GD4 s184
GD4 s204Russ NicholsonNuckelavee* (full page)
GD4 s212Russ NicholsonTreasure
GD4 s216Russ NicholsonUnknown warrior (full page)
GD4 s228Russ NicholsonMaster Scholar Giru^ (full page)
GD4 s235<see original>Reproduction of GD4 s212
GD4 s240Russ NicholsonLigea^ (full page)
GD4 s247<see original>Reproduction of GD4 s32
GD4 s252Russ NicholsonBlood Fiend^ (full page)
GD4 s264Russ NicholsonSergeant's^ Ghost* (full page)
GD4 s276Russ NicholsonLord Mantiss^ (full page)
GD4 s288Russ NicholsonCrystal and doorways (full page)
GD4 s292<see original>Reproduction of GD4 s9
GD4 s300Russ NicholsonBronze Statue^ (full page)