Impundulu ( Lightning Bird).


Basic Information

The Impundulu (or izulu, inyoni yezulu) is an important creature in the folklore of the tribes of southern Mungoda*. In many tribal traditions it is believed to be a vampiric creature associated with witchcraft which is often the servant of a witch doctor, attacking the witch's enemies to quench an insatiable appetite for blood. Some say it can take the form of a beautiful young man and seduce women.

The lightning bird is a creature associated with magical power among southern Mungodan* native peoples. Generally lightning strikes are believed to be a sign of the creatures manifestation. Its egg is believed to be retrievable from the scene of a lightning strike and is believed to contain special properties.

In most instances the tribe's witch doctor plays the essential role in dealing with the lightning bird and its predations or manifestations.


The Impundulu is a large man-sized bird of black and white hue, though it's plumage turns iridescent black and it's tail, bill and legs flush bright blood red if it becomes a blood drinker. It is reminiscent in form of a heavy set corvid or stork.

Known or supposed origins

The creatures are ancient in origin and are revered by the Volucreth*, however those who become servants of dark Sorcerers* and elementalists tend to develop a vicious and insatiable appetite for blood, after being fed human ichor as part of the bonding ritual. These corrupted beings often cloak themselves in a glamour; appearing as a comely young man and seducing women away from their villages where they are attacked and drained of blood.

Special Abilities

When a Lighning Bird has tasted human blood on 3 consecutive occasions it gains the ability to cloak itself in a glamour as a Pazuzu* can.

Once per day the Impundulu may transform itself into a being of pure lightning and in this form travel incredibly quickly across the storm tossed skies it is impervious to harm from normal weapons in this form.

It is impervious to electrical attacks and thrice per day can call lightning as an Elementalist* of the same rank.

The fat of the bird is a valuable component in traditional medicine; being of use in the preparation of healing potions.

The Impundulu is believed to lay a large egg underground at the location of each lightning strike. If dug up and prepared properly the egg can be used in preparations to protect from or summon lightning.

An extract from the creatures flesh can be used in a tincture that allows one to trace thieves; as if one had activated a Pursuit spell.

Geographical distribution

The birds are most common around old Volucreth* settlements or ruins but hunt far afield when hungry. They are confined to southern and south-western Mungoda* for the most part.

Average statistics

ATTACK 20 Beak (d10, 6)
DEFENCE 7 Armour Factor (3 feathers)
MAGICAL DEFENCE 6 Movement: 10m(200m)
Health Points: 3d6+10 Rank Equivalent: 10th

STEALTH 6 Vision: Panoptical

Further notes

Ta'ashim* scholars have postulated a link between the Lightning Bird and the more northern Phoenix*: one embodying fire and the other lightning and have postulated the existence of other great avians allied with other essential elements.

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