Inhabitants of Legend

The intention of this branch, at this stage, is to collect together all the characters one might encounter in Legend.

Denizen Type Description
Heroic PCs (Player-Characters) The intent in this section is to give players past and present the opportunity to honour their heroes, the characters they have played. You may link them for instance to where they came from, or what feats they achieved.
Heroic NPCs (Non-Player Characters) This section is for uploading heroic or perhaps famous NPCs, be they kings, nobles or legendary NPCs you have created or encountered.
Neutral / Undisclosed NPCs Likewise memorable NPCs you have encountered should be recorded here. Record here also well-developed NPCs you have in existing campaigns for whom, perhaps, you do not yet wish to reveal their alignment.
Villainous NPCs Store here your nasty villains from your scenarios or campaigns. Some villains from the gamebooks might also appear here - though carefully, as their character should not be recounted verbatim from the gamebooks, but rather their feats or other activities should be recorded alongside a reference to where in the gamebooks they might be further appreciated.