(Lee Barklam)

Making all primary ability scores an equal part of the game can be a real challenge - Strength and Reflexes have ongoing in-game effects long after any modifications to secondary ability scores they may have. Other primary abilities, like Psychic Talent and Intelligence are barely used once they've modified secondary ability scores and can be difficult to role-play (truly, how easy is it to role-play being someone more or less intelligent than yourself?). Other than having an impact on secondary abilities, Intelligence just 'sits there' on the character sheet and is largely ignored during play.

This page is to provide ideas to make Intelligence a powerful characteristic within the game.

Maximum Rank

A character's Rank is limited to their Intelligence score, regardless of Profession. This focuses the players as they realise their characters are not 'forever', encouraging them to consider legacies, grooming their heirs (presumably to play when their current character maxes out) and otherwise consider the role-playing limitations of a character with a low Intelligence score.

Characters can still earn XP, that they can instead spend on skills (I'll upload my skills rules to this wiki at some point so it ties in).

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