Basic Information

Also known as the 'Khitan Death Worm', the Korghoi is believed to exist somewhere deep within the deserts of Khitai*, but is very difficult to track due to it's ability to burrow beneath the Khitan sands. However, the natural habitat of the Korghoi - a desert landscape - presents an interesting conundrum; how do Korghoi survive with such a lack of food in an arid environment? Perhaps the Death Worms have some other food source to exploit?


A literal translation of the name Korghoi is "blood-filled intestine", which is an uncanny description of this bizarre creature. This giant dull-red earthworm grows to almost 5 feet in length, with a toughened, fat segmented body and a dark black maw. It is also rumoured that some even larger specimens may be found, hidden deep within uncharted desert dunes.


The Korghoi is a carnivorous creature, which catches it's prey by bursting forth from it's sandy domain and discharging a high-voltage electric shock capable of paralyzing a Human*. The victim is completely paralyzed for d4 Rounds if they roll Strength or under on 6d6. Regardless of whether paralysis occurs, both Attack & Defence are also reduced by 6 for the following d6 Rounds. Once paralyzed, the victim is devoured whole, then dissolved quickly within the Korghoi as it returns beneath the burning sands.


The Death Worm can also spray a highly corrosive acid from it's tail, which will melt and kill any corporeal non-magical creature on contact, without magical intervention.

Average Statistics

Attack: 15 Electric Shock (see above)
Acid Spray (1d20,fatal)
Defence: 1 Armour Factor: 1
Magical Attack:
Magical Defence:
Health Points: 1d6+10 Rank Equivalent: 4th
1 Movement: Burrowing 5m (10)m

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