(Book 3, Bloodsword 5, Golden Dragon 4; DWR p.246)

©1985 Russ Nicholson. Used with the generous permission of Russ Nicholson.

At least three Kraken are known to exist; 1) a sea serpent near Wrecker Island* which may be a seagoing form of the beasts known as Worms , 2) a giant cuttlefish-humanoid beneath Spyte*, and 3) a skull-squid in Thalios^.

Kraken of Thalios
(Golden Dragon 4)

The legendary Kraken of Thalios^ possesses a squirming mass of slender appendages beneath a huge skinless skull - similar in build to an enormous cephalopod (GD4 s24). It shares several key characteristics with cephalopods, such as squirting ink (GD4 s82, s110, s125). This Kraken has inhabited the ruined city of Thalios^ for over 1,000 years (GD4 s24).

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