Legal Issues

This site is subject to a Licence.

In addition, contributors to this site should respect the following guidelines:
  1. No copyright material (eg text, or images) shall be copied direct from the gamebooks and included here (be they from the Dragon Warriors or Bloodsword gamebook / RPG series), however you may (a) refer to a page in the gamebooks where a subject is addressed, and (b) expand upon that subject matter.
  2. As a general rule-of-thumb, ask yourself this question:
    "Has my edit / new article to this Wiki rendered some part of a commercial Dragon Warriors publication redundant?"
If the answer is 'yes', perhaps even 'maybe yes', re-think how you have made the edit / article to keep the gamebooks relevant. You should always refer to where, in the gamebooks, the basic concepts addressed in your article exist, and then feel free to interpret or expand upon the gamebook material in your article. The creator / administrators / moderators will develop rules and policies for handling this and will edit your material to ensure the intellectual property rights of the game's creators are preserved as best possible.

Regarding all other copyrighted media, contributors should observe the following:
  1. In all cases where the Dragon Warriors Wiki has obtained permission to host copyrighted media such as images, documents, etc, this permission only extends to the Dragon Warriors Wiki itself. In other words, you must not use those copyrighted media anywhere else without first obtaining the permission of the copyright holder.

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