Magical Creatures

Within this branch are several types of Creatures or Monsters:
  1. Creatures that use Magic;
  2. Creatures that have attacks or effects that replicate Magical Attacks;
  3. Faerie creatures such as Boggarts*, Hobgoblins* and the Oni* for whom their, say, "lesser cousins" do not use magic but they do.
  4. Any of the above that are non-canonical (i.e. created by GMs)

This branch does not include:
  1. The Undead (who have their own special section) being those in physical form (e.g. Zombies*) and ethereal (e.g. Ghosts*) - though Elementals* appear here.
  2. Magic-using humanoid races such as Centaurs* and Volucreths*, who are included nominally in the Non-Magical Creatures section as the common situation is for these not to use magic.

Missing from this section (needing addition) are some creatures peculiar to Oliver Johnson's scenarios.

Creatures within this branch:

Abatwa (Bulya) Gatekeeper^ (GD4 s1, s69) Rakshah* (Bk 4, pp125-127)
Ala (Bulya) Gnome* (Bk 1, pp94-95) Shadow Walker* (Bk 4, pp128-130)
Automaton* (Bk 4, pp53) Golem* (Bk 4, pp80-81) Shen Lun (Black Dragon)* (Bk 4, pp130-132)
Barghest* (Bk 4, pp54-55)Gorgons* (Bk 1, pp96-98)The Slew (Tom Clare)
Basilisk* (Bk 1, pp76-77) Hag* (Bk 4, pp85-88) Skiapyr (Bulya)
Black Queen^ (GD4 s70) Hobgoblin* (Bk 1, pp99-101) Sphinx* (Bk 4, pp133-134)
Boggart* (Bk 4, pp60-63) Ignis Fatuus* (Bk 3, p18) The Sufiriad* (Bk 1, pp110-111)
Bogle (Tom Clare) Imp * (Bk 4, pp99-100) Trows (Bulya)
Caitshee* (Bk 4, pp67-69) Impundulu (Lightning Bird) (Bulya) Waterhorse (Tom Clare)
Chimera* (Bk 4, pp71-73) Miasmoid^ (GD4 s163) Water Leaper* (Bk 4, pp139-140)
Chonchon* (Bk 4, pp73-74) Mere Troll (Wayne Imlach)
Death's Heads* (Bk 1, pp80-81)Okemen* (Bk 4, pp120-121)
Dragon* (Bk 1, pp82-84) Oni* (Bk 4, pp122-124)
Dungeon Devil^ (GD4 s17)

Elementals* (Bk 1, pp85-86)

Fang Warrior* (Bk 4, p77)