Missile Combat

This page is a compilation of thoughts on Missile Combat.

Generally speaking, Missile Combat occurs through:
  • Bow and arrow;
  • Crossbow and quarrel;
  • Sling / slingshot;
  • Throwing stars (Assassins* only); and
  • Javelins / thrown spears

There are various modifiers for the Missile Shot covered in Book 1, but there are others that have been suggested in the past.

One should note there is a specific consideration of Missile fire from Horseback in the Mounted Combat section.


A missile projectile or thrown weapon will continue to travel in the direction it was fired\thrown until it hits something else or runs out of momentum. If a character misses with a ranged attack, the GM may require a hit roll for any creature behind the target along the same path. However, this hit roll is made with a cumulative -1 penalty to Attack for each additional 5' the missile travels to the next target. If it is a thrown weapon that has missed, this penalty is doubled to -2 to Attack for each additional 5'. Once the penalty to hit equals half the character's Attack score, the missile no longer has sufficient momentum to cause any damage.

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