(Christopher Loh)

Character Creation Summary

A : Strength, Reflexes, Intelligence, Psychic Talent and looks, roll 3d6 for each (Reflexes must be at least 12, Psychic talent and Strength must be at least 9) B: Health Points : roll 1d6 + 6
E: Basic EVASION 5
G: Initially equipped with backpack, nine throwing spikes, staff, miscellaneous equipment
H: Stats improved as Assassin

Monks are invariably human.

Special Abilities of Monks

Monks are fighters who are trained to use their inner “Chi” and transformed their body into killing machines. There are skills which are common and at their disposal. At the same time, there are unique katas that experienced Monks pick up along the way to spiritual growth. The abilities are:
  • Throwing spikes
  • “Chi” Armor
  • Superior unarm combat
  • Flurry of blows
  • “Qing Gong” (Fast movement)
  • Jumping
  • Danger Sense
  • Immunity to poison
  • Chi healing
  • Fast Healing
  • Tranquil Mind
  • Iron Hand
  • Arrow cutting
  • Quivering Palm
  • Perfect body
  • Tongue of the Sun and Moon
  • Radar Sense
  • Eye of Dragon
  • Enhancement
  • Ki Strike

Skills of the Mighty


Special Abilities

Throwing Spikes A Monk is proficient in throwing spikes as well. It is considered a (d2, 2) weapon of last resort. The reason is because they do not receive the additional +1 to armor bypass roll. The range is 0-10m/11-20m/21-25m

Chi Armour Monk suffers the same combat penalty as Sorcerers* when wearing armor. While this means that there would not be any penalty for Monks to wear harden leather armor with no penalty, most choose not to do so. The reason is because through their training, Monks have harness the ‘Chi’ in their body to repel weapons. At 1st level, the “Chi” armor is equivalent to AF 2. The “Chi” armor gradually becomes harder through experience. At 4th level, it improves to AF 3. At 7th level, it improves to AF 4. Finally at 5th level, it improves to AF 5. There is no additional bonus (while suffering the same combat penalties) for wearing armor of equivalent rating. The “Chi” armor applies even when they are asleep.

Superior Unarmed Combat While Assassins* are masters in unarm combat, they are just amateurs when compared to Monks. At 1st level, they use d6 for armor bypass and inflict 3 points of damage. At 4th level, it improves to d8, 4 points. At 7th level, it improves to d10, 5 points. At 10th level, it improves to d12, 6 points.

Flurry of Blows A Monk may strike with a flurry of blows at the expense of accuracy. Iron Hand cannot be used in the round that Flurry of blows is being used. The table is as follows:
  • 1st level – 4th level 2 Attacks -4 to ATTACK
  • 5th level - 8th level 3 Attacks -6 to ATTACK
  • 9th level - 12th level 4 Attacks -8 to ATTACK
  • 13th level and above 5 Attacks -10 to ATTACK

‘Qing Gong’ (Fast movement) As their body is continually perfect under rigorous training, their movements becomes much faster than their peers. The additional speed is only available if they are carrying less than half of the items that they regularly can carry up to. For example, a Strength 16 Monk will be able to retain the fast movement advantage if he carry 7 or less items (Book 1, pg 60).
The bonuses are as follows.
  • 1st level - 2nd level No Change to movement
  • 3rd level - 4th level 1m (2m)
  • 5th level - 6th level 2m (4m)
  • 7th level - 8th level 3m (6m)
  • 9th level - 10th level 4m (8m)
  • 11th level and above 5m (10m)
Monks 11th level and above can run as fast as a horse.

JumpingA Monk can leap up to scale any obstacle below 5m in height with no run up needed (compared to Assassin* of 3m with 5m or run-up). At the same time, they can fall up to 10m without any injuries (compared to 6m of Assassin*).

Danger SenseThe danger sense of a Monk is exceptionally sharp. Should they be ambush, there is a chance that they are not being surprised if they roll under they psychic talent on 1d20. However even if they roll under their psychic talent (and not surprised), the timing is too short for them to warn their colleagues. This ability applies to the shock attack of Assassins* as well. Danger sense does not warn against traps. The roll is made by the GM for obvious reasons. Immunity to poison As their body strengthens through martial arts training, Monk gains a stronger resistance against poison. At 1st level, they receive a +1 bonus against poison. For every 3 levels (4th, 7th, 9th and etc) the bonus increases by 1.]

Chi Healing At 4th level and above, Monks are able to release a burst of curative energy throughout his body. The action is reflexive and do not need a standard action round. The Monk can continue to perform other actions while he is healing himself. The rate of healing is 1hp per level. The Monk can spread the use several times in a day. The Monk can also use it to cure any poison or toxin that he is suffering from. Instead of healing 1hp, he can swap it for a 5% chance to overcome the poison. The maximum swap that he can exchange is 10hp for 50%. The decision must be made BEFORE the roll is made to resist the poison. However the Monk will have an idea what is the strength of the poison before deciding how many points to swap. There is only ONE chance. Should the Monk fail, normal poison rules takes over.

Fast HealingA Monk heals twice as fast as others.

Tranquil MindDue to their disciplined training, Monks are able to withstand shocks better. This translates to a +2 bonus against fright attacks. Iron Hand Through his martial arts training, Monk as trained his hand to deflect blows away from his body. Thus Monk will treat that he has a ‘shield’ during combat. Obviously this does not apply if the Monk is immobilize or sleeping. This ability does not apply against arrows.

Arrow Cutting At 5th level, Monks are able to apply a quarter of their DEFENCE (round down) against ALL arrows. While at 10th level, they are able to apply half of their DEFENCE against ALL arrows. This is a reflexive action and does not require sacrificing their actions. At the same time, it is an instinctive action which does not require them to be even aware of the arrows.

Quivering Palm At 8th level and above, Monk would master the use of Quivering Palm. The Monk can use the attack once a week and he must declare the intention to use it prior before making the attack roll. Should the attack hit (with a successful armor bypass roll as well), the quivering palm attack succeeds. The Monk would be able to slay the victim within a number of days equal to his level. To make such an attempt, he needs to roll on 2d10 lower than the difference of the Monk and the level of the victim. 0th level commoners will be considered as 0 level in this case.

Perfect BodyAt 10th level, Monks will only take half damage from non-magical weapons. Magical weapons and blasting spells still affect them accordingly.

Tongue of Sun and Moon A Monk of 9th level would be able to speak with any living creatures.

Radar SenseA Monk has honed his inner senses to such a exceptional level that they are able to use it to replace the sense of sight in combat if required. The tables are as below:
  • 1st level - 2nd level -4 to ATTACK -8 to DEFENCE (No Change)
  • 3rd level - 4th level -3 to ATTACK -6 to DEFENCE
  • 5th level - 6th level -2 to ATTACK -4 to DEFENCE
  • 7th level - 8th level -1 to ATTACK -2 to DEFENCE
  • 9th level - 10th level No penalties at all

Eye of DragonBy sacrificing 1 round, Monk can study the weakness of an opponent and deliver a critical blow (considered as a natural 1) to their opponent. The use of this power is available at 3rd level and above. For every 3 level (3,6,9 and etc), the Monk gain 1 additional use per day.

Enhancement By focusing his Chi, the Monk can get his body to reach the acme of human perfection for 1 round. The effect is exactly the same as Enhancement (Warlock 3rd level spell), except that it last only for 1 round.
  • 1st level - 2nd level 1 per day
  • 3rd level - 4th level 2 per day
  • 5th level - 6th level 3 per day
  • 7th level - 8th level 4 per day
  • 9th level - 10th level 5 per day and so on…

Ki StrikeAt 3rd level and above, the unarm attacks of a Monk is considered to be a Magical weapon in overcoming magical defence.

Skills of the Mighty

Adepthood*Same as Mystic*. A Monk of 8th level and above can attempt to reach Adepthood* as Mystic*. He will reap the same benefits as a Mystic* - Increase in Reflex and Psychic talent - Immune to poison - Natural rate of healing triple (since it is double in the first place) - Cannot be control via mind-controlling spells, possessions and etc. The only important difference is that he cannot forge any magical weapons

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