More than one Profession

Draft Rules: More than one Profession.

Dragon Warriors (as an old system) isn’t designed to accommodate “multi-classing” as many more modern titles are. This is an experimental option that needs extensive testing.

Restrictions on adding a new Profession

  1. Your new Profession must always have less ranks than your starting Profession.
  2. Your new Profession must make sense! A Knight becoming a Barbarian does not. A Knight becoming a Priest does (and may be quite common).
  3. Your Characteristics must be three (3) higher than the normal minimum for your new Profession.
  4. You only gain ONE (1) special ability from the first Rank of your new Profession.
  5. You do not gain the starting Combat/Magical Combat Factors of your new profession. If you take Spell Casting as your new special ability, you do gain Magical Attack based on the new Profession. Armour restrictions on spellcasting still apply.
  6. For each additional Rank, you gain increase in Combat/Magic Combat Factors appropriate to the new rank in that Profession.
  7. When you gain a new special ability, you may choose from the normal options for the profession, or select another Rank 1 ability you do not yet have.


Majella of Netherford, a 4th Rank Sorcerer (and daughter of a knight) obtains a title for valour from the king. With a Strength of 18(!) she easily qualifies for the training required and becomes a Sorcerer 4 / Knight 1. With a choice of three starting Special Abilities, she decides that although Armour Expert is tempting, it will interfere with her spell casting, so she instead takes Ride Warhorse. Note that even though 5th Rank overall, she does not get the Evasion increase her companions just received; increases are on the individual Profession. Next time she gains a Rank, if she gains another Rank in Knight, she will gain the increases of a 2nd Rank Knight (+1 Attack, +1 Defence, +1 Magical Defence, +1 Health Point). She has also sacrificed two Ranks of Spellcasting (and 7 MP!) for a minor increase to her martial prowess.

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