Moving in or out of Combat

(Book 1, p41)

At times combat will not occur right in front of a player-character, and he will need to move into combat. Conversely, at times - usually when overpowered by a foe or outnumbered by many - a player-character will desire to move out of combat. These subjects are explored here.

Moving into Combat

To be advised

Moving out of Combat


Rout is a highly risky manouevre, as it involves - simply - turning one's back on an opponent. This allows one free shot for the opponent, with the router's DEFENCE at 0 (as his back is turned). The upshot is that if he survives the rout, the router is free to run and gets a head start running away from their opponent.

Kharille has suggested using EVASION in this context- more information is available in that article.

Retreat entails stepping backwards, both eyes still upon the opponent. The retreating person/creature moves backwards and, if the opponent does not follow, may turn and flee without risk of melee attack (missile attack is still possible). Of course, in moving backwards, if the opponent follows, one must retreat further - if space permits - to be able to turn and run.

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