Mungoda Continent

(Book 6, DWR , SG)

Whilst not divided into countries, Morris & Johnson (the authors of Dragon Warriors*) probably left it this way to represent the diverse tribal structures of pre-colonial Africa. The only description in the gamebooks is in pages 51-53 of Book 6, though pages 238-242 describe the Mungoda Basin* to some level.

It should be noted that one significant difference to Africa is that there is no equivalent to Egypt on this continent. Egypt's equivalent, Kaikuhuru*, has been transposed to the mainland. That being said, and without giving much of the Book 6 scenario away, there are remnants of exiled Kaikuhuran* princes' wealth here in what was an expansive ancient empire. RJ Lambert surmises that Mungoda represents at least the mid-to-southern aspects of Africa. However, temples and ancient ruins similar to those found in the jungles of South America are known to exist within the Anku^ region.

Region Description / Places of Interest Cities / Settlements Peoples
North Thanagost Peaks*, Desert of Songs*, The Azure Coast* Banar*
Northeast Thanagost Peaks*, The Azure Coast* Gatina*, Mariana
East Cosh Goyope*

Centre Mungoda Basin*, River Anku^ Paru*, Temple of Katak^ Aknatli* (spider-worshippers)

South Volucreth lands* Dzimba Woye
Southwest Forest of Storms

West Wagadou Empire, Kania Kingdom, Lingwe Kingdom. Tumbutu
Songha, Luare, Pulani, Monde.
Wagadou Empire, Loso
Mariana Kluntok and Kuntuku peoples

Environmental Features

One should note that journeying within the Mungoda Basin* brings the problem of adventuring in a humid tropical climate. Dave Morris set out in pp238-242 of Book 6 the difficulties player-characters will face in journeying there.


Almost certaintly inspired by the continent of Africa pre-colonisation.