(Book 2, pp51-73)

The Mystic is primarily a magic user, though much of his magic enables him to fight, scout or avoid detection by others, making the Mystic a highly useful profession working well as a counter-foil with the Assassin*, though lesser in combat ability to the Warlock*.

Source Information on the Profession

Book 2 pp 51-73

Further Information from the Gamebooks

  • Specific Background table rolls in Book 6 (pp144-145)

Non-Humans which may become Mystics

Whilst Mystics are somewhat 'common' amongst Elvishkind* they are looked upon as warriors and not wizards. To Elves* mind and body are one and they see the mental abilities of the Mystic as simply the skills of a warrior who has chosen to develop them. Many of the Elven* Mystics take the path of the Earthbound.

Dwarves* and Halflings* may not become Mystics.

Other races are rumoured to have Mystics but whether the powers exhibited are truly the same or perhaps merely variant sorcery or gifts from whatever god-things they worship is unknown. Volucreth* and Kappa* may become Mystics.

House Rules

Premonition and ESP

Pages 70-71 of Book 2 set out the rules for the Sixth Sense* of Premonition* and Seventh Sense* of Extra-Sensory Perception* (ESP*).

In RJ Lambert's view, a GM could use the strength of a roll against these to modulate the strength of the impression received. For instance, a roll of 2 against the Premonition* check might give a little more detail on the threat faced, or not faced, whereas a roll of 35 would give a sense of a general threat. The potential downside, though, is that it may be disadvantageous for the GM to let the Mystic on about how close they got on the roll - a "general sense" of danger might be seen as a near-failed roll, rather than a true sense of danger. The scrupulous GM though would either not let on how close or good the roll was, or otherwise cryptically wrap the "reading" so as to achieve the GM's overall game purposes.


Those Mystics who focus on internalising their power are indistinguishable to the naked eye from warriors, their use of the mystic arts is limited to bolstering of the senses and using the body to the peak of its efficiency. Wayfarers generally take the path of the Forester, the guardian or the witch-hunter.

Spells Level 1
See Enchantment*
Suspended Animation*

Spells Level 2

Spells Level 3
Allseeing Eye*

Spells Level 4
Hidden Target*

Spells Level 5
Pass Unseen*
Truth Sense*

Spells Level 6

Spells Level 7

The Wayfarers intense internalisation allows him to use Premonition* and ESP* at 1 rank higher than other Mystics.

Wayfarers also possess the Tracking* skill as per Assassins*, Knights* and Barbarians*.

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