(RJ Lambert)

In RJ Lambert's Legendarium (unpublished), he proposes a 'solution' to the blank slate that is an explanation for how Legend* came to be. Whilst one might assume that some facsimile of the Christian (True Faith*) and Muslim (Ta'ashim*) creation stories might exist, what those would not deal with are the Dragons*, Elves*, Dwarfs* and other Faerie* aspects of the Legend world. RJ Lambert proposes that the world of Legend* consisted of the following events:

  1. The unknown time Before
  2. The Forgotten Age, or the Days of the Old World
    1. The leisure of Numa in the waters (Ahk)
    2. The birth of the numae (dragon-spirits)
    3. The numae's Lust for Immortality and Pursuit of Fossa (Light)
    4. Fossa's Rise and Gur (Darkness') Pursuit; The Sacrifice of Tendar the Vigilant
    5. Du'rah's Yielding of Men and The Enmity of the gurrnu
    6. The Grief of the Great Red Dragons and the Spewing & Shifting
  3. The Golden Age
    1. The Dawn of the Golden Age and The Reckoning of Sabahn
    2. The Years of Peace and Understanding
    3. The Hunting of Ah and the Shattering of Wisdom
    4. The numae Council of Hnangardrim and the Departing to Ta'nah
    5. The Lingering of Kurrayah
    6. The Capture of the numae and Birth of the Starry Host
  4. The Blighted Age
    1. The Slumber of the Great Dragon
    2. The Wasted Centuries
    3. The Rending of the gurrnu and The Dawn of Evil
    4. The Reconciliation and the War on Evil
    5. The Driving of Evil into Abyssae and The Filling of the Tainted Refuges
  5. The Last Age, as it is reckoned amongst the Children of El
    1. The Life of the Prophet and the Speaking of Truth
    2. The End of Kurrayah and the Rebellion of Kurr
    3. The Rage of Gur
    4. The Release and Redemption of the numae and the Realisation of the Archangels
    5. The Days preceding the End of All Things (* the modern age of 10th century Legend*)
    6. The Dawn of the New Realm of the Untainted, and the Doom of the Tainted